Saturday, September 10, 2016

BLM Haters

BLM at the core is about the restoration of the sanctity of Black American life in America. BLM at the core seeks to elevate and value the essence of Black lives in America in the post industrial era after the shelf life of the Civil Rights Era in America.

America in the recent decades has been destructive and poverty stricken reality for a wide bandwidth of Black Americans and not just the usual suspects the Black poor but the housing collapse and the recession of in late 2000's was also devastating for the Black Middle Class and the wealth gap between White America and Black America widen significantly.

Those who refuse to explore the themes of the BLM Movement fail to understand and recognize the scope and depth of the BLM. The BLM  movement encompasses more than an end of lethal police protocols and activities but the objective of the BLM Movement seeks to augment the quality of Black life across the entire political , social and economic spectrum of America. The BLM Movement seeks to augment educational achievement in every venue of Black America. The BLM Movement seeks to bring the cultural genius of Black Americans into every social policy theatre in America from the public policies of local and state and federal governance to the economic goals of corporate America.

Yet in America of late those who oppose the BLM Movement besides the racists and bigots who are always in the forefront of anything anti Black in America,there is a another more destructive collective and massive segment of America that seeks to end the life of the BLM Movement.

This force is the collective in White America that profits from the decay and decadence of Black America . The raw reality is the fact that large segments of White America livelihoods depend on Black decay and despair . White lawyers, landlords, doctors, prisons , supermarkets , check cashing firms, banks and others in the financial system are linked to the despair in Black America.

Food stamps drive the revenues of large supermarket chains as well as large industrial agriculture enterprises . Government payments to landlords of poor Black families buttress the bank accounts of corporate land lords. White lawyers make a brisk income on racial profiling of Black defendants .

The entire charter school industry is underwritten by preying on vunerable Black families desperate for quality educational opportunities and outcomes for their kids. Political parties platforms are based on the pain and suffering of the  Black electorate. Media platforms need drive by shootings and urban carnage to sell papers and produce clicks on their web sites. Crime prevention services are a lucrative business in not only Black venues but White suburbia is a gold mine for the fears of Black criminals coming to dinner.

Religion is also a lucrative extortion business for those operating in saving souls and appealing for tithes in exchange for comfort and prayer in dealing with the  grief  and despair of urban Black America.

The harsh truth is that BLM Movement is an obstacle and barrier to the money making yields of Black decay and decadence . BLM Movement is a social prescription that many in White America and others do not wish to get approved in the marketplace.  BLM Movement is a threat to a very profitable business in America.

Black Lives Matter  for all the wrong reasons for so many in America



Therestofthestory said...

You infer that only blacks were hit hard during the housing crisis. You can't be serious! I am a real estate agent in Virginia and know so many whites who lost their life savings in the housing market. Can you tell me where you got your data?

Thrasher said...

My commentary was focused on Black Americans the data about the housing recession is easy to research on Goggle.Please do share your data about the housing recession by all means provide some data on your Black clients if you have any of course...

Therestofthestory said...

In a diverse area like ours, of course I have black clients. Although I try to be "color blind" when it comes to looking at people. The latest black client I worked with asked me not to sell to a Hispanic. I told her that it was my job to bring her a great contract, not practice discrimination.

Thrasher said...

I sought data from you not tales about your clients morality ... BTW unlike you I am not 'color blind' I acknowledge and value the diversity of human beings .

Please add value to my commentary you can start anytime in doing that ....

Therestofthestory said...
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werbebannerbedrucken said...

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