Saturday, July 15, 2017

U Matter

You are such a presence the space you occupy glows with and flows with the all that is and of you. Life is alive in your being .
U matter

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New Era Blueprint for Management of Crime in America

Our nation must begin to revisit our approach towards defining crime. This new vision on the nature of crime and all of its ramifications must include a new template  on  how to manage and administrate the delivery of crime services from themes of protect and serve to protocols for a new model on policing from staffing to incentives to prevent crime as well as policies that enhance  'due process' concerns  when the police policies are not in synch with the community .

The staff of Plane Ideas has created the following themes which should be a foundation of The New Era of Policing in America

1. Staffing Police Departments with former criminals as police officers. Inserting a social and mental health case worker in police cars on all police calls and patrols.

2. Offering financial incentives for residents to maintain safe venues. Paying a stipend to certain ex-felons to not engage in crime. Providing reduced tax rates and tax deductions for crime free venues.

3. Creating a user friendly 'informant' protocols which assist the police in prevention, safety and security objectives. Creation of  Neighborhood  Public Safe Harbors staffed with conflict resolution professionals.

4. Providing the community with  smart phone apps, links, websites on crime data, research and resources.

5.Advocating for early release of non violent criminals and cleansing of  all criminal records of non-violent juveniles under the jurisdiction of municipal courts

6. Constructing interactive police misconduct commissions with community and police participation with the authority to assign  independent counsel/lawyers/retired judges not affiliated with the government to conduct/investigate/prosecute / administrate tribunals/hearings on the deaths of unarmed citizens by police officers in their exercise of lethal force while 'under the color of the law'.

7.Support for Ban the Box Movement

8.Creation of Arrest Free Zones for Designated Social Behavior

9.Urban Gun and Weapon Disarmament with Gun Buyback programs and tax deductions for those surrendering guns to the police.

10. Crime  and Justice related curriculum in Middle School and High School including on site visits to jails, prisons and morgues

11. Uniform Collective Bargaining Agreements which incorporate incentives that reward the police for reporting 'bad cops' to data collection of complaints, lawsuits, indemnity provisions against police officers, managers, union officials for any settlement and awards against the city or conduct which creates civil liability and damages against their employers .

12. Police Disarmament in selected venues where the police are not permitted to carry their firearms

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Deconstruction of the Empire

So here we are in America circa 2017 in the Trump Regime of political illegitimacy. For many Americans it is an opportunity to return the nation to a myth of greatness for others it is the emergence of an America that retreats to the marginalization of people of color, woman and the our nation's civility.

Many Americans will tragically  surrender to the machinery of government with its regimentation and national footprint . Many will accept without any hesitation or challenge a Trump mandate that discounts  the tenants of a healthy society. Public servants fearful of losing their jobs  will rubber stamp and endorse protocols and polices that discount the citizenship  and standing of those who are recipients of government services .

Those impacted by a Trump criminal justice system will bear the brunt of a compromised justice system that will threaten 'due process' and sanction a 'show me your papers' society in the streets and work venues of America. Our environment is in peril the worship of fossil energy will fuel another carnage on the planet and nature. Toxic air , polluted waterways, habitat extinction and other assaults on the planet under the Trump regime will accelerate the peril of humanity in every region of the planet

Of course acceptance , surrender and retreat in the era of the illegitimate POTUS simply will not suffice. Those of us who seek an America where life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not just a salad of words will engage the moment and insert resistance with the goal of the deconstruction of a normalized era of Trump. The depressed state of morale in our government workplaces  are opportunities and entry points for radical change agents that disarm the unorthodoxy of the Trump regime.

 Regime Change is plausible but not by employing hollow marches, parades and endless banter and petty rants and arrogant righteousness. In other words we have to be inside the dragon and wherever our interests are in play and in peril. We must partner and collaborate with those inside the Trump regime to influence and alter the trajectory of all of his narratives across all of the bandwidths of the government reach in both the private and public sector.

We must activate, impact and influence the integrity and principle of those inside the Trump fortress with our agenda and narratives . We can empower those  who are the carriers of the illegitimate POTUS  mandate with ideas and constructs they can employ to disarm ,disable and deconstruct. The destiny to alter the trajectory of America starts with you and me and us.

Resistance designed to deconstructed is  Regime Change without being televised.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

America Revolution Circa 2017

So many Americans have betrayed  America . For many she was the home of those seeking sanctuary from the depravity of governments and societies that harnessed inhumanity. To observe America is now to understand after the election America is the  terrain where life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness is nothing more than a clique.

We are now in a place where all is in peril and all are vulnerable to the atmosphere of fear ,vengeance and perspective. We must stay hot and conscious in this air of fog and anxiety. We cannot give a moral pass to racial fragility and those who harbor a blue collar and the reality of what others have endured long before them.

Indicting allies and trusted role models for their naviite is zero sum game and only extends the distance between our shared interests . We need collaboration, consolidation and purpose our target is massive and wounded and full of passion and self righteousness.

So which way is forward .....

Follow Me .... I know the way

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Trump

Trump will be the next POTUS for many it is surreal yet in reality it is not really a suprise Obama became POTUS twice as such so can a Trump.

In truth if we step away from the angst, anger and emotions of this event Trump's victory removes more barriers from the reality of possibility and outcomes. An American with baggage , without legacy, free and thirsty can become POTUS .

I look foward to a Woman, Asian , Latino, Trans, Gay, Native American, Atheist , Activist becoming ...the POTUS. I am going to press, push, pull President Trump as I pursue for me and my community ,life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

God Bless America


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Pettiness of the AA Museum

I am very disappointed with the posture of the new AA Museum here in DC by not having one item or memorial to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

This is petty and offends on so many levels especially when a large segment of the AA Museum's collections pay tribute and acknowledges the genius of Black Americans pursing diverse themes and opinions.

Our community has the unlimited capacity to respect and value the diversity of voices and realities of Black Americans . One hopes that the AA Museum will reflect this genius and find a space for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas .

It is never to late to right a wrong!


Saturday, September 10, 2016

BLM Haters

BLM at the core is about the restoration of the sanctity of Black American life in America. BLM at the core seeks to elevate and value the essence of Black lives in America in the post industrial era after the shelf life of the Civil Rights Era in America.

America in the recent decades has been destructive and poverty stricken reality for a wide bandwidth of Black Americans and not just the usual suspects the Black poor but the housing collapse and the recession of in late 2000's was also devastating for the Black Middle Class and the wealth gap between White America and Black America widen significantly.

Those who refuse to explore the themes of the BLM Movement fail to understand and recognize the scope and depth of the BLM. The BLM  movement encompasses more than an end of lethal police protocols and activities but the objective of the BLM Movement seeks to augment the quality of Black life across the entire political , social and economic spectrum of America. The BLM Movement seeks to augment educational achievement in every venue of Black America. The BLM Movement seeks to bring the cultural genius of Black Americans into every social policy theatre in America from the public policies of local and state and federal governance to the economic goals of corporate America.

Yet in America of late those who oppose the BLM Movement besides the racists and bigots who are always in the forefront of anything anti Black in America,there is a another more destructive collective and massive segment of America that seeks to end the life of the BLM Movement.

This force is the collective in White America that profits from the decay and decadence of Black America . The raw reality is the fact that large segments of White America livelihoods depend on Black decay and despair . White lawyers, landlords, doctors, prisons , supermarkets , check cashing firms, banks and others in the financial system are linked to the despair in Black America.

Food stamps drive the revenues of large supermarket chains as well as large industrial agriculture enterprises . Government payments to landlords of poor Black families buttress the bank accounts of corporate land lords. White lawyers make a brisk income on racial profiling of Black defendants .

The entire charter school industry is underwritten by preying on vunerable Black families desperate for quality educational opportunities and outcomes for their kids. Political parties platforms are based on the pain and suffering of the  Black electorate. Media platforms need drive by shootings and urban carnage to sell papers and produce clicks on their web sites. Crime prevention services are a lucrative business in not only Black venues but White suburbia is a gold mine for the fears of Black criminals coming to dinner.

Religion is also a lucrative extortion business for those operating in saving souls and appealing for tithes in exchange for comfort and prayer in dealing with the  grief  and despair of urban Black America.

The harsh truth is that BLM Movement is an obstacle and barrier to the money making yields of Black decay and decadence . BLM Movement is a social prescription that many in White America and others do not wish to get approved in the marketplace.  BLM Movement is a threat to a very profitable business in America.

Black Lives Matter  for all the wrong reasons for so many in America