Sunday, October 28, 2018

Black & Blue

I know you are there .... I can feel your presence... I want to run for cover.... Ignoring you and pretending you will go away is not going to cut it
You are so pervasive and impactful I cringe knowing how deep you have penetrated my shield .... I have witnessed up close and personal your scent and its stench
Carving your mark and leaving fragile footprints Yeah you leave quite a scar very few bandages will repair what you have broken
This time however when you come for me I am prepared... I have my arsenal swollen with confidence, assurance, family and friends have emboldened me with firewalls of hope, commitment and unconditional love

Depression I dare you now to enter my fortress .....


Monday, August 13, 2018

Black America imperil again :Circa 2018

Once again in our own nation Black Americans are comforting the specter of Elimination from the White Supremacists


Saturday, June 2, 2018

Mission : American Renaissance of Compassion

America is soaked and baked in an surreal aura of disdain and disregard for the basic dignity and compassion for each other. This state of America is suffocating the spirit of every generation in our collective human tree. Many are lost and drowning in this sea of meaningless and raw contempt for the very essence of being human. We have violated the irrevocable inner trust our souls need to develop and survive as human beings.

This ethos and zeitgeist of not caring for the humanity and dignity of all souls living and unborn in our country is making life in our nation a daily struggle to avoid the contagion of not caring and intentional ignorance of the plight of others. We must have the courage and integrity stand in front of the avalanche of hate and contempt that is contaminating the very atmosphere of living of late in America. Americans must refuse to retreat to the abyss of compassion avoidance.

I am going to call upon the very essence of my soul to release within my being the capacity to harvest compassion and regards for others from my adversaries to the strangers that wear the faces of broken hearts and frustrated failures and hopeless and wounded experiences that find them balcony of finite.

Please join me and together let’s harvest and then cultivate the passion and reservoir of humanity that that occupies the soul of our persona. I am not afraid to wrap myself around myself as I begin this quest to bring love and compassion back to America one person, one moment , one second in every day and breath of America.

Hang on my friends hold your head up high don’t give up help is on the way......


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Winning Black in the Trump Era

In the Trump Era of America there has been a public resurgence of disdain, disregard and disparities for many especially the poor and those in the margins of America. Minorities have also be subject to public displays of bigotry and regressive attitudes and behaviors. This is especially true for Black Americans of late.

It is critical that new strategies emerged to defeat this toxic environment. We propose that these strategies begin with the acknowledgment that retreat, apathy and surrender is not an option in any situation.

For starters it is imperative that any idea or proposal to combat the Era of Trump must not be a reactionary position but a posture that is organic and proactive. Our stragies must survive the Trump Era.  America as well most benefit from our focus on prospering as Black Americans in the Trump Era such a mission focus will only enhance the outcome of our strategies.

To be continued......

Thursday, January 25, 2018

New Age Educational Model for Urban Schools in America

The staff of Plane Ideas focuses on a wide spectrum of issues and constructs in America. We examine our political, economic, educational, criminal justice system and the like. Of late in America the academic outcomes in our urban aka Black and Brown school systems have been dismal and reflect a profound reality for our students and the trajectory of the future of America.

The staff of Plane Ideas has created a range of proposals and constructs which we believe can alter the very foundation of superior academic outcomes in our urban school districts in America.

We propose the following:

-Teachers visiting homes of students to examine the environment and provide parents with real time academic progress reports and educational tips for parents to support and augment the academic outcomes of their children outside the school building

-Immersion curriculums which teach one subject matter the entire school day in a pace that works for the variety of student learning skills in the classroom

-Removal of students from distressed venues into dorms off site to rural venues.

-Seniors with career credentials inside each classroom to assist in lesson plans and character development

-Students executing incentive laden contracts for designated academic outcomes with specific target and rewards for achievement of the educational targets

-Offsite instructional education and vocation experiences from visits to industrial sites to university campuses

-Insertion of educational workspaces in the homes of students living in distressed urban venues

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Women Revolutionary Movement in America

America has been the soil for profound civil and human rights movements. Our country has experienced the liberation of Black Americans from slavery as well as the end of the genocide of Native Americans . America has been the gateway  and intersection for a variety of  human rights movements including elevating the status and rights of the LGBBTQ community to those who champion  the rights of people with disabilities and other challenges in our nation.

Woman of America are now engaged in a revolution to end the contempt for their dignity, gender and safety. Sexual harassment and all of its derivatives are being confronted  there are  no safe harbors nor tolerance of any manifestation of harassment and related  behavior and attitudes towards Woman in America.

This revolution anchored by the Woman of America has no limits or boundaries.  Woman in our country whether they are in their homes or in the public square and marketplace should never have to confront the perils of sexual harassment in our country.

For Woman in this revolution there is no place, space or situation that is immune from respecting and safeguarding the dignity of Woman . America is now compelled to accept and acknowledge Woman have a universal and inalienable right for a Woman to be respected and safe. Woman have a right to not be subject to contempt and disrespect for their gender anywhere in the world.

Woman have declared to America there is now a zero tolerance mandate.  No one regardless of status and stature including celebrities, politicians, peers and family members will be given a license or immunity to engage in the sexual harassment and contempt for Woman in America.

When the moment calls for a Constitutional Amendment that codifies and elevates Womanhood in America and legalizes the dignity and of Womanhood in America. I will be there for the Woman of America.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Allies No More- The ACLU Betrayal

So this is America circa 2017. America’s Black community must confront yet another period in our country where Black Americans are under siege, peril and in mortal fear for our lives. In the past we could often rely on a number of civil rights organizations and other groups to assist and protect us from the perils of being a targeted collective in our nation. This of course has historical significance for Black Americans in our country where our laws codified and sanction slavery, segregation and a vast array of racist and bigoted practices and behaviors.

We are now in the early waves of a reactionary era in racial relations in America. The landscape has changed significantly for the worst.  One of those groups in the past which was in the legal vanguard of protecting the rights and liberties of minorities under the constitution was the ACLU.  The ACLU was often the lead in the vanguard of legal pursuits and appeals in our courts to protect the First Amendment Rights of those disenfranchised and under attack by reactionary interests in our country.

The ACLU campaigned on this mission and they became  beneficiaries of respect, admiration and money for being one of  our nation’s premiere iconic civil rights  organization.For many the iconic stature of the ACLU was beyond approach and challenge. It was tough navigation when the criticisms of the ACLU came from Black progressives. The ACLU from the optics of many in that vanguard  have  now become as arrogant and patronizing as any bigoted collective lecturing to Black Americans on what is important and significant. The objectives and mandates of the ACLU of late do not intersect with Black Americans from the ACLU positions of affinity schools which are designed for only Black males only to metal detectors and the police  in urban schools which protected the lives of vulnerable students but pose a problem for the ACLU idealists and  censors.

The ACLU is under no obligation to Black America yet this reality will not end their fund raising efforts of course in Black America. It is also true that Black America’s reliance on ACLU was not always a productive and progressive posture or union. The ACLU is dedicated to defending and promoting the principles as constructed in the Bill of Rights. Black Americans of course had no part or in the construction of any rights for Black Americans in the US Constitution. We should remind ACLU of this historical reality when they lecture to us about the Bill of Rights. We have more paramount themes in America than the objectives of the ACLU when they intersect on matters of race and law in our country.

The ACLU theories and posturing about liberty will place Black Americans in peril and get many of us killed. This was recently the case in Charlottesville where the ACLU supported the Alt-Right and Nazi’s petition to march onto the grounds of UV with torches and vomit hate speech all under the endorsement of the ACLU. The ACLU sought no insight from those on the ground and at risk when the ACLU carried out this mandate on behalf of these racist interests as part of its mission.

The objectives of the ACLU in these situations place Black American and others in peril and as such Black Americans should be aware that in such situations the ACLU is not our ally but an adversarial force that is not there for us. When the ACLU is willing to put Black Americans at risk and in peril to promote their principles on the souls and welfare of Black Americans is where the ACLU becomes our adversary.

A strident devotion to abstract principles of liberty, freedom and free speech will not stop a bullet. In the real world miles away from courtrooms, reality dictates and dominates the narrative.

Just because one can do something does not mean one should do something. The ACLU should have the courage to acknowledge this reality in this new racial era of America.