Monday, June 29, 2009

Fires Still Burning

Our nation's supreme court had an opportunity to put out the fires of disparate treatment in fire departments across the land yet did nothing today to augment and diversify the ranks of fire departments in our country which remains the most segregated public service departments in municipal governments in America. Our supreme court was wrong before in the Dred Scott and Plessey rulings which sanctioned segregation and 2nd class citizenship for Black citizens and other people of color. This supreme court decision continues the ugly firewall against inclusion and opportunity in our country. Black firefighters in New Haven remained on the sidelines behind their white peers when it comes to promotions. This result does not assist in dousing any cultural and racial fires across the nation.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


So after all the noise and posturing all the FBI could yield was a derivative felony plea from Monica Conyers. The FBI with all of its resources' was unable to secure for the citizens of Detroit a resignation nor even a cooperation commitment from Monica Conyers to to sink a corporate enterprise that put this entire illegal saga into play. The FBI remains our nation's most impotent law enforcement agency from its massive incompetency in securing urban cities from drug cartels to the security of our borders and the serenity of our public buildings. White supremacists groups are flourishing and internet crimes are proliferating and street gangs rule the night. Political criminals are not a lethal threat to our security nor an evil which keeps parents and seniors up all night. I remain unimpressed by the overkill and inflated bravado of the FBI in the Conyers saga. It that all there is??

Friday, June 26, 2009


As a result of a number of demands from countless people next week on this site PLANE IDEAS will publish every day insights, comments, recommendations, mantra, analysis, opinions, on all things that matter....


Michael Jackson- The Thrill is never gone..

Thanks for all of the music and happiness you gave me simply by listening and dancing to your music..Image the genius of his art the ability to inject into a person's spirit a great feeling..Now that is power..

I think I will inject myself right now.....What should I play today.......