Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Alladays!

Yes whatever you worship take my blessings with you....Living in the presence of now...Happy Alladays

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sportmanship in America

I have yet to read or listen to any of the sports media columnists, publications, sports shows express some dismay and concerned about the level of the hate filled cheerleading and vile sportsmanship by the Cleveland Cavalier fans during Lebron James return to Cleveland.

The sports media's silence in reporting on the absence of sportsmanship present during this game is revealing. The behavior and the expressions of outright hate displayed and expressed by the fans attending the event was the lowest level of sportsmanship witnessed in our nation in any sporting activity that I can recall.

The presence of children during this orgy of hate was truly stunning . The absence of any responsible parenting was just as offensive. The behavior of the NBA , ESPN and related sports interests in supporting and promoting and affirming this despicable caliber of sportsmanship is offensive.

The underlying racial related themes of some of the jeers and signage clearly gave fuel to this depraved level of sportsmanship. It was embarrassing observing a sports event that had the stench of racism and the flavor of the most depraved sportsmanship I have ever witnessed as a sports fan. Apparently even our sports events are not above the vile and petty incivility which is rampant in our nation of late. Cheerleaders of hate is not the sportsmanship I want my children and family to model. Apparently hate is the only sports that matter now in America.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh Happy Day...

It is nice to be with those who love you and you loving them..


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Friends no more....

When decay, decadence and failure visits your world and compels you to consider those who were a conduit for your misfortune it becomes incumbent upon you to have the courage to no longer share a bond with your allies of the past..

Wives must leave their husbands...Children must break the bonds of parenthood...Friends must reject their peers...

The poor must liberated themselves from hopelessness and despair...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

After the Storm...

Instead of paying attention to the talking heads in the media both print and electric I woke up after the mid-term elections and stared at myself in my bathroom mirror affirming once again that I define my existence and reality...

I also realize the most important forces and influences in my orbit are those I allow into my circle of life. Political candidates are human scripts whose voices read words that are meant to solict votes nothing more but votes...

My life is shaped by how I define what is progressive and worthy. I am still going to respect my elders, mentor the youth, love my family, speak to my neighbors, feed the birds and love this wonderful thing called life...

The storm is a good thing reminds me of many things that are important

Monday, October 25, 2010

Color Me Crazy

The Juan Williams saga has surfaced a series of significant issues and observations from a number of concerns and considerations in various Black venues of America. I have no reservations about the nature of Juan's comments from my vantage point as an activist his words were blatant bigotry and troubling given a nation like ours with a tortured legacy of negrophobia of late frequent incidents of islamophobia.

Just as troubling as Juan's words were the remarks of Vivian Schiller NPR's CEO her comments that Juan should consult a psychiatrist were as lethal as the hate speech uttered by Juan Williams. Yet I have yet to observe the Trotter Group or the African -American Online folks challenge, confront and/or publish any commentaries regarding Schiller's venom.

The Trotter Group and the AA Online summit folks both have allowed the Obama white house to used them as conduits in outreach ventures now that Obama's is in a meltdown and the midterm elections are on the calendar YET when Black activists and others are under siege by the character assignations on our mental faculties I have observed nothing but silence and avoidance from the collective clout of the Black media outlets in particular The Trotter Group and the AA Online summit folks.

In the area of civil rights and economic initiatives Black activists have always been on the vanguard and suffered every measure of venom and inhumanity from the majority culture. Our roles have produced as much progress and accomplishments as any sector of the Black community in America.

Again I reiterate why the silence from Black media outlets when whites demonize Black men who dared to have an opinion. When can Black activists expect the Black media to come to our assistance as they did for Obama?????

We hurt to when the hurricane of venom and ridicule rains on us 24/7.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Oral adventures begin with the museum of words... The landscape of a person with a wonderful vocabulary is as thrilling as any computer generated movie..The artistry of a well told narrative luminates the canvass of silence....

Words that enter the conduits of our ears spoke speak to the essence of our being...Portraits created out of the artistry of words are masterpieces without a canvess....

May I have a word with you.....Listen to this.......

Friday, September 24, 2010

MY BOOK is Titled: How to Live in an Urban Venue

It will be a guidebook on essentials of how to survive and develop in an urban place. The book will cover parenting, food, work, crime, friendship, depression, happiness, religion, health, life..

The book will provide details, insights, short stories, lists, poetry, business plans, advice, menus,directories,instructions, philosophy, music, book reviews, endorsements, solutions, recommendations, tips, ....

For the folks in the city from babies to seniors.....

To be published 2011.......

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Nation of Clusterfucks

One of the disturbing themes which seems to inflict every region of the country in both the private and public sector is the breath and depth of incompetence from the oil spill in Louisiana to the local meltdown of the recent meeting in the city to discuss downsizing Detroit. Of late in our nation , state, region, workplace, school districts, playgrounds even there seems to be a pathology of incompetence and failure nothing seems to work nor operate on time per directions or instructions.

Excuses and failure are the new normal in the post industrial America. This common and collective set of behaviors is the new American pastime. Instead of our nation progressing with all of its latest hi tech digital gadgets we seem to be skipping along while rugs slip under our feet and chairs collapse under our weight when kids are left in cars and grandparents are forgotten during electrical shortages. We need to stop look and listen to what is happening to our nation. There is one common generic symbol we can rally around and become flag-wavers and patriotic about...Getting our stuff together.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


In the journey of life the art of connection is another law of the universe that does not rank as high as others like gravity, karma,life, or death... Connection is one of the tiers in the laws of nature/universe...It lives in the same bandwidth of lonely....

Being connected eases the moments of weary and dread....Connected liberates the feelings of depression and engages the possibility of union and shared relations...

It is a wonderful moment to be connected with another person, place or thing...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Negrophobia has returned...

Beware the politics of fear and scapegoating has returned with a vengence in post racial America..

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Withdraw to Navigate

Perhaps in a life it requires one to step away...

Withdraw to Navigate a new course of life...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Reach Out....

Let's work together .....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Assault on Voting Rights: Blueprint for a Tyrant

This is truly a perilous moment wherein a narrative is being offered up that is so Orwellian it deserves outright rejection

Underlying the ballot question for Detroit voters is the narrative that since Bing is an elected offical the voters should relinquish all of their other voting privledges and sucumb to this convoluted notion that a vote for Bing because he is an elected offical means all other voting rights for elected officals is not required nor revelant...This is a full frontal assualt on voting rights of city voters...

What's next? ..Will the governor claim that voters in city who vote for her no longer need to vote for the mayor...This could be a blueprint for the entire disenfanchisement of voting rights for any elected office in the city..

One vote for Mayor is all the votes city residents get!!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Being Everywhere

The recent dust up with the NAACP and the Tea Party provides and opportunity for Black Americans to not remind on the sidelines and watch the movement but to join the parade and become architects of the outcomes of the Tea Party Movement.

Given the mandate of the NAACP their posture towards the Tea Party was not unexpected but instead of just indicting the shortcomings of the Tea Party it is also constructive to illuminate the potential and merits of this movement.

In our history the majority has always started out as exclusionary yet some of the themes of the Tea Party have merit with regard to the policies of our government. Our nation is stronger when the entire electorate participates. Black Americans must always be present when our interests are in play. We need to be in the Tea Party it is the American way.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


For so long and to often whenever I am out in the public marketplace and I encounter people not of color their non-verbal body reactions have always released an aura of not being at ease, a sense of freight, awkwardness, anxiety and even fear...It is at once suspended in time a moment of an unnatural PRESENCE..

For years I thought it was my flight of paranoia and over sensitive state of being and not the PRESENCE of people not of color yet after exploring this issue with a number of friends my instincts were affirmed..

Me a Black man an occupant of a nuance shared moment with a person not of color brought together in a suspended moment a collection of history , imagary, propaganda, disinformation, ignorance, arrogance,instinct..

Entering a human intersection and sharing a moment of my PRESENCE.....I live for the moment where my PRESENCE has no history, no legacy, no disinformation, no rumor, no propaganda, just PRESENCE shared equally by all...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Myth of Atonement

When the media and others seek to filter and cleanse the legacy of an evil celebrity or politician when they die the victims get punished again and the horror of evil lives on.... Robert Byrd does not deserve the regret and the efforts of those who seek to polish his ugly past and make him honorable. We don't honor nazi sympathizers why do we rationalize racist ones?

Byrd was a evil person whose contempt and racism towards Black Americans was beyond the pale and reached depths of inhumanity. Byrd alleged personality reversal and regrets lack sincerity and were rightfully viewed as just another slick media twist to appease his critics.

Byrd's posture towards Black Americans was inhumane he brought suffering to unlimited numbers of Americans that were not of his hue. I hope he rots in hell that is what his legacy deserves not a fictional cleansing by the media and pc influenced politicians.

Redemption does not belong to the community those seeking atonement know this truth...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Designing a Nation

Should we repair the failures within our communities or should we restored the foundations or simply create and design a new world. Who will be the architects of this venture. Must we rely on the old occupants or will our design team be candidates from the new tenants on the block.

Will we need new religions....Must we take oaths or will we need automated scripts to worship. This new design can it handle migration, immigration and the deportion and deployment of human capital..

Designing a nation from top or from the bottom maybe a lateral perspective works...Let's do this..

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Out here..Faces of the leaves are smiling...The wind invites cusines of many...Sun battles with awnings ...Insects run for cover.. Out here is Outside

Out here noise feels the void of quiet..Walking heals the talking...Children spar with sidewalks and seniors...Strangers intersect with strangers...Out here is Outside...

Out here windows push the inside outside...Trees collided with the open....Out here is outside...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A New Life Tutorial

When the days required clocks and reasons to calibrate my living I would often turn inward to fill out the day as a tool to figure out my problems to decipher my day dreams...When my youth made me ignore clocks and the wisdom of others I tiptoed in the the aura of infinity when I was young and not in need of a mentor.

Now my days required a calendar, my clocks tick without making noise, and my own opinion has lost its luster where do I go to get the wisdom to navigate this terrain that seems like an endless mirage but in truth is a hard vision of reality.

Those who shared and made me their proteges have left the canvass. Many have surrendered to the realities of lost memories, wounded bodies and the contemplation of their obituaries.

So here I am reaching out seeking a living tutorial to navigate these days where my mantra's are now dated and my advice no longer has the velocity of importance and the currency of relevance..

I need a GPS for life and I need it now....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oil in the water...

Broken pipes in the water nature is weeping...

Walking on air is no longer a dream with oil in the water and cars drunk with oil..

Broken pipes in the water nature is weeping....

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day..

Warriors alive on Memorial Day in my hood.. No more killing no more funerals...To be killed or to kill...Not a question today..

I now pay attention to the wounds, the distant faces, tattered uniforms not hidden in boxes but worned with pride....

Warriors alive on Memorial Day ...Alive and full of life...

Friday, May 21, 2010


The Guru of modern life counsels that one must be surrounded by bliss of people, images, music, places, ideas, scents, as we live our lives...

The Guru of modern life counsels that those things which are within our orbit allows us to take in life with a luminous glow or one can absorb the elements of darkness...

The Guru of modern life counsels that when one encounters negativity and the aroma of dispair the ability to call on the assets of one's orbit allows for passage of negativity without peril or harm to one's being....

The Guru of modern life counsels that the orbit what flows around our being is connected to infinite orbits of life and as such our life is enhanced the orbits of all life...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Black Americans=More than Civil Rights Icons

More than often I have to remind people that not only can I dance, sing and play sports but I can also recite every element on the Atomic Chart as well as thier weight and atomic number.

Tragically in our nation Black Americans have very limited optics part of our negative image is the failure of Black folks to tell the narrative of our unlimited diverse talents and skills. The other truth is that many people in our nation enbrace the fiction and disinformation about us as just being athletes, entertainers and of late criminals.

Black Americans are much more that the world's greatest civil rights icons..We are much more than legendary singers and sports stars..Our narrative is endless and still unfolding....

To be continued.......

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Short Story : Dr.Cukoo

CHAPTER I. Directions

My socks were getting wet and the rain was hitting me in the face on my jog to the mail box... I adored spring rains especially on weekend mornings. I was hoping my neighbor's wife was making the same dash to pick up the mail...I loved it she got wet and her slightly opened robe screamed at me to take a peek.

The envelope I was looking for was stuck in between some other mail and for a quick second I thought I had more junk mail like yesterday's haul... I rushed back into the house and set down at the kitchen table and ripped apart the back of the envelope.... There it was hand written note with an web site address that was it!

Before I could log on my pc my door bell rang it was my neighor's wife she was standing directly in my front doow window with some mail I stared at her through my door's peephole before I opened the door there she in full display with a wet long t-shirt covered by her robe teasing me.. I opened the door grabbed the mail and told her to tell her husband hello while she walked away She flashed me the naked truth...

I grabbed my pc ran upstairs into my bedroom and logged on my pc and put the web site in my browser ...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Unable to connect a life surrendered to the space of lonely and the glow of nothingness...

Trapped by the circles of weary a life surrendered to the space of lonely and the glow of nothingness

Rejected by the noise of empty a life surrendered to the space of lonely and the glow of nothingness...

I entered the life without words or examples..I offered a portrait of you...

Purpose was discovered now a life has a view......

Monday, April 26, 2010

Census: Who Dat?

Recently there has been a lot of drama over the race selection options for completion of the census form. The controversy includes questions about the term Negro to Arab-Americans seeking their own option instead of being classified as white.

What is interesting is how non-whites are concerned about how they are defined by race in America. In our nation with our legacy of racism for to long Black Americans were subject to the 'one drop rule" which was a racist notion which allowed whites to classify all non-whites as Black despite their own self identifications and demand for self-determination.

Many people refuse to accept any government designation and instead view the census as a violation of their heritage as well as personal privacy. Some people simply want to be defined as individuals and classified as members of the human race. The census remains a fascination for people and the government in how to define and describe people. The census is a provocative exercise that will always be a feature of any government that catalogs and takes an inventory of their citizens.

What do you call yourself????

The Menu of Life

In the media and I am sure in various household venues across the nation the discussion about health care is a major topic. It is true that what we eat is critical to any health care discussion but not only is food and diet important but so is the items on the menu that we feed our minds.

Our mental state of health is as critical as any diet. It is important that we feed our minds with good ideas, thoughts, logic,and content. One could argue that without a strong mental constitution being a super healthy person without an equally progressive state of mind is a waste of food and good health.

I don't want toxic thoughts and negative knowledge inside my body. I am always rejecting hate, depression, evil and any negative ideas and thoughts from entering my body. When I eat I never read negative materials nor do I watch negative images on my TV or my computer screen while I am feeding my body. I monitor emails and I avoid downloading toxic and counterproductive materials from all sources including friends and associates.

I digest good music..I inhale wonderful aromas..I touch beautiful things..I absorb the atmospheric of imagination.... I watch wonderful images..I eat the splendor of the world....

My menu of life is more than a happy meal....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Safety Net Of Civil Rights

For years living here in Detroit I would cringe at the countless times I would observe Rosa Parks feeble and senile being carted around the city and elsewhere to get an award or to front for some fundraising efforts. I resented it then and now when I witness Ali being shuffled. I resent this practice when old civil rights leaders get tossed around for media coverage when race is on the radar.

The MSM and the usual suspects in the political marketplace always exploit the death of famed civil rights leaders with overkill and tired soundbites of course it is easier for them to live in the safe past when Black icons are dead or no longer create risk. Progressive and assertive modern Black leaders who would rather focus on finance, science,enviormental concerns and foreign affairs are not news worthy for coverage for MSM. The safety net is always old time civil rights stuff for the MSM..

The Black community evolved decades ago with regard to civil rights we have charted many other paths yet the marketplace refuses to mature and evolve with us. Our communities are demanding growth and development in other areas from economics, science, fiscal concerns to global affairs... .

When will the rest of America catch up with us?????

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Crime of Reporting Crime

Recently CNN and other outlets compiled a list of the most dangerous cities in the world of note Detroit was on the list...This is an example of how shallow and worthless journalism, reporting and disinformation have become almost criminal(excuse the pun)... Lists like these are often inferences based upon survey data, questionable data collections and subjective media accounts....There is no integrity in impotent lists like these other than tabloid currency.

Important and really more valuable is crime data and information that is based upon the actual security and risk of harm to indivuals and property...
None of the data collected nor the lists directly evaluate the ratio or metric about actual danger to victims....Most victims of crime know thier assailants and many of them are family and friends.

Factually most people are rarely victms of remote danger or stranger inflicted criminal acts. Most people are safer with strangers than actual people they have a history or relation with...With regard to family crimes and spousal abuse, the victims are at risk often from other family member and not strangers property crimes as well have a large variable of victim relation.

Reporting and information of this nature at end of the day does not make anyone safer it only demonizes entire cities with fiction and disinformation. Yet again Detroit does not deserve this indictment and It is tragic that MSM is a conduit for this type of faulty reporting.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Making a difference...

Those that make a difference always matter...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tea Baggers & Good Germans

I argue it is foolish for people of color in our nation to ignore the nascent threat that is present today from those hiding under the banner of anti government slogans and dogma. Our nation has a long and ugly legacy of offering up minorities as scapegoats when times are tough.

There exists right below the surface of rightous concerns about the excess of government a massive silent majority who under the duress and turbulence of our economic meltdown are capable of becoming a twisted misguided mob of folks on a mission to declare they are the only folks who get to define America during troubled times.

These angry mobs have the real potential of waging a civil war against those of us who reject their dogma and twisted patriotism . We cannot be passive or remain silent and on the sidelines while this rage builds.

We have a moral, social and civic duty to stop this movement right here..right now..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Short Story

Once upon a time ........

Friday, March 5, 2010

Race to the Bottom

The failure of our state to become an initial recipient of the federal funding to reform educational systems in our country is a teachable lesson on a number of levels. It reveals how impotent our congressional clout is and it illuminates how the politics of education will always contaminate the education of our children in our state and our nation.

It is offensive that our federal government would even engaged in a contest to improve the educational foundations of our nation's students. Our future as a nation should not be subject to a national contest. The truth is this backward proposition was never questioned or challenged but actually embraced by our state leaders . This tragic cheerleading was in full bloom when Robert Bobb the designated DPS savior genuflected and remain silent when our nation's educational czar demonize the DPS as the worst in the country.

Our state leaders role in this saga is shameful instead of being motivated to design new long overdue educational reforms in the state our legislators created a series of hollow reforms that were not only impotent but revealed a desperate leadership unable to even understand and confront its own educational shortcomings.

One hopes this set back will slap our state leaders into reality instead of chasing down prizes behind the curtains of the federal contests. Our state legislature needs to create our own transformative reforms here in Michigan. The citizens of Michigan cannot afford to lose this race.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Black Agenda=American Agenda

Why is logic such a problem in the world of politics..


Americans=Blacks Americans
Black Agenda=American Agenda


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Haiti Blues

Instead of saving folks people are bashing Haiti...How offensive can it get attacking folks suffering for an earthquake..Only in America


Nationalism on the ski slopes...Where are the snow balls


Revenge in the front seat..Is America scapegoating Toyota

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can Black become beautiful again......

For to long I have avoided writing and having a dialouge about the critical issue of the image of Black males in our nation. On a number of levels I did not want to have this critical discourse in a nation that has such a nasty racial legacy against Black folks and of course Black men. I know this culture seeks to leverage Black folks against Black folks. I know this culture champions the seeds of divison and internal conflict between the various intersections of Black life in our nation.

I am of the opinion in part that our nation's contempt and depravity towards Black men is so deep that efforts to measure this abyss have yet to be created. The depth of hate is so severe it is profound and often beyond many measure of reasonable and sane comprehension.

Yet I know I would die waiting on any measure of honor, respect and justice from a culture that continues to fear and hold anything Black in contempt . WE must change the culture and not have it change us.

So given this hard core raw truth what is to be gained by taking on this cultural equation. What value can be achieved by me on a personal level and the community on a group level in reshaping, reinventing, reimaging, polishing up our image in our nation as Black men.

There are inherent perils in pursuing this narrative and transformative posture.Yet in spite of the risks I must undertake this mission. My community must take on this assignment.

So from this point forward in every moment, every situation, every awkward incident, every first impression, every second in lives of Black men a change must take place. WE must make a life altering change in the image of Black men that is observed, reflected, in our interactions with the world.

WE cannot continue living in a world that affirms and embraces negrophobia. Our personal lives are at risk, our familes and communites are in peril, our nation cannot achieve its full apex unless we make this calibrated change right here, right now..

Black must become beautiful once again..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Riddle Time

It was interesting and revealing to observe the outcome of the mistrial in the Sam Riddle saga. Instead of indicting the corporate ruling class that designed a plan to extort the taxpayers in Detroit the Feds targeted a minor bureaucrat to indict.

Yet one lone juror had the courage to stand up against the FEDS and a 'posse' with a high tech lynching in mind..

Memorial 9/11 Politics

Recently my home town was solicted by the NY Port Authority to take the ruined steel from the WTC to use as a memorial. The idea of course is borders on the macabre and is as twisted as the steel offered by the NY Port Authority.

Of course those who objected to this nightmare offer were attacked as un-american and soft on terrorism. The usual political brokers are playing the 'drive by' war on terror extortionist angle to get the twisted steel in Birmingham.

It is tragic to observe the people stepping on the souls of the 9/11 dead to advance their political agendas....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

UM Football Social Engineering in Black Venues

When prestigious universities in our nation provide preferential treatment to dysfunctional and troubled athletes and have problems admitting other students something is fundamentally out of order. Our nation and those venues which suffer from the antics of wayward youth are not enhanced by universities and colleges which reward failure and give sanction to sports and athleticism over values and principles.

Communities and youth at risk are not empowered by opportunities which provide for, excuses, and deflection. There is something fundamentally wrong when we as a society allow athletic departments at our universities to engaged in social engineering.

The regents and presidents of our colleges and universities must intervene when the goals of sports are more important than the goals of responsibility and accountability.

Duncan's Edict

I hope our state legislators and others ignore the edict from Arne Duncan the Secretary of Education to grant Robert Bobb control over the DPS academic affairs. Clearly this intervention into our state's oversight of public education is not only out of order but Duncan's imperial order also denotes contempt for the right of voters to elect public school boards.

Duncan's desire to be Bobb's publicist reveals how politics not substance again rears its ugly head whenever education is an issue for students in the city. Clearly Bobb is not qualified nor has any academic credentials to run any academic programs in DPS .

Arne Duncan should stick to taking photos with the president and refrain from giving endorsements on matters he has no standing on. Duncan is not a kingmaker designating Bobb as a messiah with divine powers is not the role of our Secretary of Education.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Obama Era

One year into the tenure of Obama has brought with it all manner of everything....

Life is good, bad and ugly in the Obama Era...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti with love

My chants will fill the air with love for the people of Haiti...Please join me ......Ya Yo Ye....Ya Yo Ye....Ya Yo Ye...Ya Yo Ye.....Ya Yo Ye..Ya Yo Ye

Monday, January 4, 2010

Terrorism Vaccine

There will never be enough security measures to defeat misery, evil, insanity and all manner of related depravity in the world. Our nation's only tried and tested shield against the activities of terrorism is our values and principles as a people. Our nation has failed in being the world's most cherish and honorable country on the planet. Our international reputation does not cultivate nor harvest respect instead our nation's mantra for to long reflected the demeanor of arrogance and decadence. America is now a magnet and target for those who dwell in cowardly acts of terrorism.

We can defeat the millions of tortured and troubled people in the world who have at their core a inhumane contempt for America which creates a righteous belief in acts of suicidal terrorism. We can achieve this victory not with the latest hi tech security gadgetry or the massive outlay of protocols and infringement of our liberties. Our success in this endeavor will never be achieved via the exercise of wars on terror but by the practice and implementation of American values and principles employed here and abroad.