Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Disarmament in the Hood

Recent media accounts have reported and documented that during the Obama presidency unlike any other modern day presidency the gun sales in our nation have been brisk with sales of guns in the millions.. The overwhelming purchasers of these guns have been white males. The proliferation of guns in our society has been stunning and staggering . America even before the election of it's first person of color was and remains the number #1 Arms Merchant on the planet. Our arms industry is the greatest manufacturer in the world when it comes to armaments and weapons of destruction. The gun lobbies from the NRA to those who shill to supply the Defense Department is unparalleled and alarming. There is right now in the country a frenzy surrounding guns it stings the air with fear and in many venues a giddy aroma.

America is where democracy is exported often at the barrel of a gun. Our  Department of Defense budget comes close to a trillion dollars a year every year. Our society is a culture where violence is worshipped and exported . In America the gun is worshipped as a sacred artifact. The fervor for guns is beyond any sense of reason and borders on insanity. Gun violence not only destroys lives but the health costs of gun violence is in the billions. The reality of suicides and gun mishaps in the homes of families is tragic and senseless.

It is critical that as a nation and culture we must take a life altering posture and position towards the possession and ownership of guns especially in communities of color where the carnage of guns is creating killing fields. Some have even uttered the words that in many Black venues folks are engaged in a self destructive community inflicted ethic cleansing .

For Black Americans  in many venues across the country we need to have a calibrated examination and analysis of gun ownership.We have to ask as a change agents which is safer and more secure for us as a people and a community. . Disarmament  means a longer mortality . Our communities are more secure and safe from gun violence with the absence of guns than the ownership and possession of guns in our homes and in the community .

We are safer as a community when NO ONE OWNS A GUN! Disarmament saves lives in both normal and crisis situations in our country.It is critical that the Black Community in America come to the reality that the proliferation of gun sales simply is not in our best interest and puts all of us at risk! Even the raw notion of the government taking away and confiscating all guns is still a more secure and safer proposition than the presence of millions of guns in a troubled and uncertain post industrial racial era.

Disarmament is the best practice and policy in the new  post industrial era of America. We must disarm our nation and our communities. We must be advocates for the sanctity of life in America in all communities.

Disarmament Now!!

Greg Thrasher


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

It don't take a rocket scientist to agree with your call for disarmament!

Thrasher said...

Bigmac!..Hope all is well....Appreciate you over the years checking in..PEACE

Constructive Feedback said...

(Damn - You've got it bad)

Brother Thrasher:

The Americanized Negro is already being DISARMED of his Black Consciousness by the very "Political Opportunism" that tricks him into exiting his community in order to go on nationalized Crusades.

Please correct me where I am wrong, but what you SEEM TO BE SAYING, BROTHER - is that since the Black Community has adopted its American political integrated consciousness - it is now incompetent at compelling our young Black males into productive collaborations.

Still wanting to maintain the front and not willing to admit the damage to the Black community from "Political Outsourcing" - you seek to keep the Americanized Negro UNITED IN STRUGGLE with the hopes that a national "Team Victory" will one day manifest itself back home within the Black community.

I was just recently in Detroit and I had failed to think of you and "Demby High". Had I remembered - I would have set my GPS coordinates to take a picture of your beloved alma mater.

I do not support your national disarmament scheme.
I would donate hard currency to a "Restore Barry Gordy Blvd/ Albert Cleage Bvld/ Rev CL Franklin Blvd Back To Their Original DIGNITY And Curb Appeal Movement"

nomad said...

Interesting. But not practical, due to the perversity of human nature. In a world where honest people have given up their guns, the only people in the hood that will have them will be the criminals. Because those who make their living by theft and intimidation are not going to give up their number one tool. And people like me will be sitting in a crime ridden neighborhood defenseless. Not a violent person, but I am keeping that last resort in the drawer of my nightstand.