Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chatter Class=Intellectual Cowards

The internet with it's ability to hide behind the firewalls of visibility and accountibility is the latest venue for cowarldy lions and cheap short artists who talk trash , indict and excercise vulgarity against those they would fear up close and personal in the light.

The chatter class which occupied space on these venues used these platforms to spit venom and demonize those who dare to put a face and a name to thier comments and beliefs.

There is nothing of value of posted by these chatter class cowards. These electonic wimps and pussies only seek to snipe and destroy honest and pure discourse. These kill joy slugs make life on the internet a landmine to navigate .

Proceed with caution intellectual cowards are in the ether.....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

To many Details....

Our parents knew there was so much hate and contempt for us as Black kids they simply did not give us full disclosure 24/7 about the state of affairs for Black folks in America...I think such advice even works today...I do not need to know all the details..I can see between walls and smell things around corners and touch hands that remain cold even in a hot sun...I even know what time it is without wearing a watch..

From offensive cartoons to nasty emails .... To many details.. I can fill in the blanks ..I know what is out there....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Role Models..

I have no problem with any Black person in any capacity in our nation both in the public or private sector just being normal and not a super negro. I reject the notion that Black Folks have to step up our image now that we have BO in the white house.
I have evolved pass the standard created by white privledge that requires Black folks to always be the best just to prove and validate for whites and others that we are worthy of being. I reject the racist math that I have to be x times better than whites that is not the formula or metrics I live by.
Black Americans in our country have endured every manner of ridicule and depravity so the idea that We must now be good negroes and coloreds is offensive and insults the very legacy of our historical existence here in America.
Black folks do not owe America any thing, we are not compelled or obligated to measure up to it's standards in part becuase these standards do not themsleves reflect merit or principle. From my vantage point we have already pass the tests of civility and worth the day we emerged on this planet....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Multiverse: Numerous Universes

Yeah I just experience for me a profound moment..I realized I am living in a multiverse existence...I know for those who are reading this I am out there ...Truth is I just realize from my point of reference I am now totally conscious..My entire life and existence has brought me to this basic profound truth..

I have always lived not in a universe but a multiverse a place where my being has numerous meanings, realities, roles, feelings, existence, whatever....

I am human and more..I am a Black and more..I am a man and more..I am an artist and more..I am a father and more..I am a husband and more..I am a friend and more..I am a comrade and more..I am alive and more..

I am multiversal being.....Lol,Lol,Lol....Wow what is in store for me now.....Lol,Lol, LOL

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sales Model Based on Depravity

The Detroit News on it's front page published a picture of a frozen dead man( photo displayed only his shoes above the ice)

I simply cannot get the image of Johnnie Redding out of mind despite numerous attempts to clutter my brain with nonsense and the rigors of daily life of late in this region. The one constant stream of thought which remains a part of my mental ordeal is how the DN paper has succumbed to the pressures of this marketplace. The DN with it's decision to ignore basic journalistic standards and engaged in a market model of titillating voyeur theme reporting is a stain on the legacy of the DN. It is apparent there is an absence of vision and ideas at the paper. It is revealing that no one at the DN has the capacity to navigate and lead the paper through these difficult economic times. The reliance on shock and awe journalism is not the model for recovery nor the posture of progressive leadership . In truth such a business model has a short shelf life and will never prosper once the lights come back on. From my vantage point the DN descent into the publication of depravity and inhumanity as a model to sale papers is beyond the pale. From my vantage point even the your efforts to redeem some sense of dignity and journalistic integrity with the Johnnie Redding follow up reporting was to late and very pretentious at best. Many people like me are trying to make a difference in our region. We will prevail despite the corporate, institutional and indivual indifference that for to long has been a part of this region's dna. I will never forgive the DN for this display of journalistic indifference...... NEVER