Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Assault on Voting Rights: Blueprint for a Tyrant

This is truly a perilous moment wherein a narrative is being offered up that is so Orwellian it deserves outright rejection

Underlying the ballot question for Detroit voters is the narrative that since Bing is an elected offical the voters should relinquish all of their other voting privledges and sucumb to this convoluted notion that a vote for Bing because he is an elected offical means all other voting rights for elected officals is not required nor revelant...This is a full frontal assualt on voting rights of city voters...

What's next? ..Will the governor claim that voters in city who vote for her no longer need to vote for the mayor...This could be a blueprint for the entire disenfanchisement of voting rights for any elected office in the city..

One vote for Mayor is all the votes city residents get!!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Being Everywhere

The recent dust up with the NAACP and the Tea Party provides and opportunity for Black Americans to not remind on the sidelines and watch the movement but to join the parade and become architects of the outcomes of the Tea Party Movement.

Given the mandate of the NAACP their posture towards the Tea Party was not unexpected but instead of just indicting the shortcomings of the Tea Party it is also constructive to illuminate the potential and merits of this movement.

In our history the majority has always started out as exclusionary yet some of the themes of the Tea Party have merit with regard to the policies of our government. Our nation is stronger when the entire electorate participates. Black Americans must always be present when our interests are in play. We need to be in the Tea Party it is the American way.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


For so long and to often whenever I am out in the public marketplace and I encounter people not of color their non-verbal body reactions have always released an aura of not being at ease, a sense of freight, awkwardness, anxiety and even fear...It is at once suspended in time a moment of an unnatural PRESENCE..

For years I thought it was my flight of paranoia and over sensitive state of being and not the PRESENCE of people not of color yet after exploring this issue with a number of friends my instincts were affirmed..

Me a Black man an occupant of a nuance shared moment with a person not of color brought together in a suspended moment a collection of history , imagary, propaganda, disinformation, ignorance, arrogance,instinct..

Entering a human intersection and sharing a moment of my PRESENCE.....I live for the moment where my PRESENCE has no history, no legacy, no disinformation, no rumor, no propaganda, just PRESENCE shared equally by all...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Myth of Atonement

When the media and others seek to filter and cleanse the legacy of an evil celebrity or politician when they die the victims get punished again and the horror of evil lives on.... Robert Byrd does not deserve the regret and the efforts of those who seek to polish his ugly past and make him honorable. We don't honor nazi sympathizers why do we rationalize racist ones?

Byrd was a evil person whose contempt and racism towards Black Americans was beyond the pale and reached depths of inhumanity. Byrd alleged personality reversal and regrets lack sincerity and were rightfully viewed as just another slick media twist to appease his critics.

Byrd's posture towards Black Americans was inhumane he brought suffering to unlimited numbers of Americans that were not of his hue. I hope he rots in hell that is what his legacy deserves not a fictional cleansing by the media and pc influenced politicians.

Redemption does not belong to the community those seeking atonement know this truth...