Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010---Expect it...

I am going to bring to the marketplace a volume of work that will truly make the world a better place...

Get Ready.........

Thursday, December 10, 2009

ODE to the Kids in the City

Discounted ignored indicted with indifference kids of city do not surrender
Elevate for you cultivate your harvest breath into your essence
Clothed with emptiness stuffed with ignorance detached from relevance
Elevate for you cultivate your harvest breath into your essence
Unwrap your isolation defeat the inferences ignore the slanders
Elevate for you cultivate your harvest breath into your essence
Not invisible nor irrelevant or disposable never barren or worthless
Elevate for you cultivate your harvest breath into your essence

Help Us C U

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Internet Media Vessels of Segregated Content

One of the lethal aspects of the chatter class and the various media sites which operate on the internet is the ability to create propaganda and disinformation that shapes and defines people of color especially Black folks in a number of negative and counter productive narratives. White engineered content driven web sites that have firewalls of cultural impotency and arrogance only augment the digitial divide. This present model of content delivery on the internet is flawed and as such it becomes a conduit of fiction which creates a bubble of underdeveloped chatter class folks who think they know truth but know nothing.

The digitial divide presently on the bulk of many media websites reflects the segregated nature of real life venues and social circles. Those who define and create the data, dialouge, information, and content on the internet have little if any impactful relationships with the very people of color they blog about.

This disconnect is very destructive in part becuase those who dominate the chatter class never really know what is the truth about significant social and racial issues. In our nation today with regard to the chatter class unless the data is filtered via the internet the chatter class never really knows shit about reality especially racial reality. This on line educational delivery is a backward and becomes in real time a underdeveloped conduitthat makes folks who think they have knowledge actually ignorant.

The way to defeat this defective false model of online knowledge and intell is to of course shatter the segregated orbits of those who operate these media and bloggsphere websites..


The realization that the students in DPS posted the worst math scores in the history of a national test assessment is so disheartening not because of the dysfunctional parents nor the selfish teachers and their impotent union nor the ego driven demeanor of the state empowered headhunter or even the greedy real estate professionals who like many others before them fed at the trough of the DPS at the expense of the their education.

None of these ugly realities powerful and impactful as they are defeated the will of DPS students. Yet today was the realization that it finally appears that now the students of DPS have succumbed to the insanity of being educated by DPS. The students of DPS have given up on themselves. The students of DPS who have weathered every trendy and novel educational theories dumped on them have now accepted the self inflicted wounds of low self worth, defeat and surrender. They no longer believe in themselves.

The most important component of a student's education is the belief in self. How tragic it is to witness that in the DPS the students themselves have abandoned their own self worth and accepted failure. What a tragic lesson plan to finally master and excel in.

Please do not get things twisted here clearly the educators have failed the city's students and the level of "low expectations" is off the radar in the city. I find the deconstuction of the educational standards is criminal and in truth the natural reaction of a city in a death spiral.

Yet there is a way out..

To be continued

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Detroit Way Out

Forget the idealized notion of moving Detroit way forward. What about closing it down and leveling the entire city. Cities deserve to die. Destruction is a natural law of the universe.

Our nation destroyed Iraq to rebuild it again. Why not level dead decaying cities here on this soil. We are spending billions in Iraq and not Detroit. Historical memory has little currency in the digital world.

The existence of Detroit right here and right now is lethal for young and old. It is wrong to allow this decay and depravity to continue ....