Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tea Baggers & Good Germans

I argue it is foolish for people of color in our nation to ignore the nascent threat that is present today from those hiding under the banner of anti government slogans and dogma. Our nation has a long and ugly legacy of offering up minorities as scapegoats when times are tough.

There exists right below the surface of rightous concerns about the excess of government a massive silent majority who under the duress and turbulence of our economic meltdown are capable of becoming a twisted misguided mob of folks on a mission to declare they are the only folks who get to define America during troubled times.

These angry mobs have the real potential of waging a civil war against those of us who reject their dogma and twisted patriotism . We cannot be passive or remain silent and on the sidelines while this rage builds.

We have a moral, social and civic duty to stop this movement right here..right now..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Short Story

Once upon a time ........

Friday, March 5, 2010

Race to the Bottom

The failure of our state to become an initial recipient of the federal funding to reform educational systems in our country is a teachable lesson on a number of levels. It reveals how impotent our congressional clout is and it illuminates how the politics of education will always contaminate the education of our children in our state and our nation.

It is offensive that our federal government would even engaged in a contest to improve the educational foundations of our nation's students. Our future as a nation should not be subject to a national contest. The truth is this backward proposition was never questioned or challenged but actually embraced by our state leaders . This tragic cheerleading was in full bloom when Robert Bobb the designated DPS savior genuflected and remain silent when our nation's educational czar demonize the DPS as the worst in the country.

Our state leaders role in this saga is shameful instead of being motivated to design new long overdue educational reforms in the state our legislators created a series of hollow reforms that were not only impotent but revealed a desperate leadership unable to even understand and confront its own educational shortcomings.

One hopes this set back will slap our state leaders into reality instead of chasing down prizes behind the curtains of the federal contests. Our state legislature needs to create our own transformative reforms here in Michigan. The citizens of Michigan cannot afford to lose this race.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Black Agenda=American Agenda

Why is logic such a problem in the world of politics..


Americans=Blacks Americans
Black Agenda=American Agenda