Sunday, February 12, 2017

Deconstruction of the Empire

So here we are in America circa 2017 in the Trump Regime of political illegitimacy. For many Americans it is an opportunity to return the nation to a myth of greatness for others it is the emergence of an America that retreats to the marginalization of people of color, woman and the our nation's civility.

Many Americans will tragically  surrender to the machinery of government with its regimentation and national footprint . Many will accept without any hesitation or challenge a Trump mandate that discounts  the tenants of a healthy society. Public servants fearful of losing their jobs  will rubber stamp and endorse protocols and polices that discount the citizenship  and standing of those who are recipients of government services .

Those impacted by a Trump criminal justice system will bear the brunt of a compromised justice system that will threaten 'due process' and sanction a 'show me your papers' society in the streets and work venues of America. Our environment is in peril the worship of fossil energy will fuel another carnage on the planet and nature. Toxic air , polluted waterways, habitat extinction and other assaults on the planet under the Trump regime will accelerate the peril of humanity in every region of the planet

Of course acceptance , surrender and retreat in the era of the illegitimate POTUS simply will not suffice. Those of us who seek an America where life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not just a salad of words will engage the moment and insert resistance with the goal of the deconstruction of a normalized era of Trump. The depressed state of morale in our government workplaces  are opportunities and entry points for radical change agents that disarm the unorthodoxy of the Trump regime.

 Regime Change is plausible but not by employing hollow marches, parades and endless banter and petty rants and arrogant righteousness. In other words we have to be inside the dragon and wherever our interests are in play and in peril. We must partner and collaborate with those inside the Trump regime to influence and alter the trajectory of all of his narratives across all of the bandwidths of the government reach in both the private and public sector.

We must activate, impact and influence the integrity and principle of those inside the Trump fortress with our agenda and narratives . We can empower those  who are the carriers of the illegitimate POTUS  mandate with ideas and constructs they can employ to disarm ,disable and deconstruct. The destiny to alter the trajectory of America starts with you and me and us.

Resistance designed to deconstructed is  Regime Change without being televised.