Friday, March 15, 2013

CPAC : My Story

I attended CPAC with an agenda to discover and engaged people on why conservatives have failed in their outreach efforts to attract Black Americans to the GOP, Tea Party and the Libertarian parties. My premise is straight forward I opine that wherever Black folks are in play and at risk we should be there to protect and advocate for our interests/agenda. I also opine that our presence and interaction with others will augment and enhance outcomes which serve the collective themes and interests of all parties. While I was circulating my flyer( A press release offering my services to assist in reaching out to Black Voters) I encountered some hostile and angry CPAC people. I did not have a camera crew . I was a lone Black man on a mission:-) My offer of help remains on the table.


Anonymous said...

You want to know why there are no African Americans at CPAC? From today's events, it is obvious that racism is alive and well in America.The conservative faction can say their not racist until they run out of air, but their actions and attitudes reveal all I need to know.

As an American and as a person, I am sorry for the way you were treated. If a white person had asked the question, there would not have been a scene. But I truly doubt that too many CPACers are concerned about the lack of minorities in their ranks. And I have a hard time understanding why any minorities would want to be a member of their little white team.

Anonymous said...

you probably voted for Nobama you feral animal

UnifiedLeft said...

Two things. 1) This is not a Think Tank, its a blog (unliss I'm missing something). 2) Conservatives tend to be racist, they are opportunists, so some will try to get support from black folks, but the majority of them are racists.

Anonymous said...

I saw the video of you which prompts me to ask... What difference does it make how many Black people are there? You seemed to be instigating to me. Equating everything to race and judging things by racial quotas is racism. The reason why there aren't tons of black people at CPAC should be obvious. Every single time the media and any left winger sees a black conservative, they black person gets mocked relentlessly, called racial slurs and a traitor to their own race. Look at what happened to Kenneth Gladney or Clint Tarver. Even the media said some pretty messed up stuff about Herman Cain that was race related

Thrasher said...

United Left,

My blog is not the think tank of course I often articulate opinions on the blog which mirror some of the activities of the think tank.

Thrasher said...

Anonymous ,

BTW I always own my words I never post, write, engaged people with an alias or as anonymous. My presence at CPAC was to pursue an inquiry .

Metrics and analysis regarding parity and inclusion are not a pursuit in quotas . The very idea that an inquiry concerning demographics is not racism or agitation. Your premise is myopic and not the result of mature reason.

Black people in our nation have always been mocked from the size of lips to the texture of our hair regardless of our political affiliation.

This notion that Black people are under attack for being conservative is a false narrative and it has sadly some political currency in some venues. I reject the idea.

Thrasher said...

Anonymous #1
I acknowledge your concerns but as I have noted Black Americans need to be conservative , libertarian , tea party etc. We are a global community with universal interests which warrant our presence everywhere .

BTW no need to apologize for the shortcomings of others .

Greg said...

I think you are wasting your time at CPAC.

Think I'm wrong? You should watch this exchange from a "Minority Outreach" panel at cpac. A white southerner is astounded that a former slave would forgive his slave master for "feeding and housing" him.


Anonymous said...

Smells like marketing to raise attention to your think thank. Maybe it will work for you.

I don't see your pass hanging around your neck that let's you into CPAC. It is a private event and anyone who didn't pay to get in should be kicked out. Did you, in fact, pay to get in and then get kicked out?

If this is more than marketing for your think tank and you are really trying to find out why more black people aren't at CPAC, wouldn't it be more logical to ask black people why they weren't at CPAC? Usually, I ask people questions about themselves rather than questions about others if I am trying to understand them. It seems to make more sense to do that.

But, this is definitely more sensational and more likely to go viral, so it has marketing value. If you really hope to make lasting change, you'll have to find less sensational ways to operate. If your think tank has good ideas that can be embraced, these kind of tactics will damage your message.

Thrasher said...


I am a capitalist more importantly I create authentic ideas which have both intellectual and economic value.

Unlike you I am not an intellectual coward I do not hide behind an alias.

My basic simple inquiry attracted you to my site as well. I do have another idea stay in touch more to come.

Anonymous said...

Obviously I saw the video which led me here, and I must say I'm not a conservative, not a liberal either, I find I have agreements and disagreements with both sides. I admit that as I age, or perhaps the party focuses have changed, I am leaning left with more frequency.... That being said, I think the GOP needs to wake up! I believe it's critical that both parties ( and I welcome a third) be strong. I like checks and balances, I think that anyone of any intelligence respects the benefits of a good second opinion. Diversity has always been the strong suit throughout the History of this Union. It seems foolish to not apply the same to a political party, especially considering recent demographic trends...
Keep up the good work sir, the GOP's leadership has failed, and as the video I saw pointed out, the rational human being is escorted, out and the confrontational yelling idiot is who they chose to keep at the discussion.... They need you more than they may ever know. Btw not trying to be anonymous (on phone didn't notice login) I'm Matt Link Lincoln on Fbook

Pangolin said...

You have a valid point. Where are the conservative policies that would assist and encourage the working black person. If a black person isn't working which conservative policies most readily facilitate getting that person into work.

Most importantly, black people, all people really, need work that supports solid family lives. Right now we have work that disrespects families; part time work, shift work where the shifts change frequently, work that cannot pay for minimal decent life. Work that doesn't leave time for parents to meet their obligations to their children and religious communities.

If the Republican party was supporting policies that led to black men in full time, stable, jobs that could support families there wouldn't be any black Democrats.

Nobody expects a military recruit to show up at boot camp with $200K in loans before she/he is enlisted and trained. Why are we expected to shackle our futures in chains of usury before we can be considered for a job. Poor jobs at that.

How about conservative policies that support conservative families?

Mark Allen said...


Thrasher said...


Where is Where?

Thrasher said...


Good post!

Thrasher said...

The series of rants tossed at me which left me spinning my head was the meme that we are all Americans etc

Yet why the CPAC?

Why the theme about being Conservative Americans??
Today is St.Pats which I love yet I do not trash Irish-Americans ... Yet folks trash the term African-Americans apparently being hyphenated except when you are AA!

RACE continues to matter. Again I ask a simple question ' where are all the Black people ?

Ex said...

I find the video fascinating, but lacking in context, so a few questions. 1) Were you a paid attendee or did you have an official capacity at the event? 2) Why were you escorted out? 3) What was the "inquiry" you were pursuing? 4) Do you reject the "notion that Black people are under attack for being conservative" because you yourself, as a black conservative have never experience any such negativity? Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Thank you.

Strip Club Blogger said...

Thrasher, the person who screamed on you, if haven't learned yet is a Breitbart activist named Jeff Dunitz who also has a blog named "The Lid"
Which I find odd because he seems perfectly OK with identifying his religious affiliation prominently while challenging your right to pose a legitimate question. Just sayin'.
I think that the answer to your question was best answered in the movie "Blazing Saddles" when the Waco Kid was consoling Sheriff Bart after greeting a little old white woman on the street and getting an anatomical suggestion with racial epithet. He said this: " What did you expect? "Welcome, sonny"? "Make yourself at home"? "Marry my daughter"? You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know... morons.
I rest my case, sir.

Patricia Kayden said...

Why worry about helping the GOP with reaching out to African Americans? They don't want to reach out to Black folks. Isn't that clear by now?

Thrasher said...


I will address your questions:
I was a guest
I actually was not escorted out of building just the area
I was pursing an answe to my question why the absence of Blacks at CPAC ( This morning I read the GOP intends to spend 10 million dollars on a reach out efforts to address my question)
I a knowledge some Black Conservatives are rejected in many Black venues primarily because of the failed conservative agenda and it's impact in Black venues
I like many other Blacks bet negativity just because of being Black ( research Negrophobia)

Thrasher said...

@ Strip Club Bagged

Super post!

Thrasher said...

@ Pangolin


Thrasher said...

@patricia kayden

Please revisit my blog their reluctant and outright rejection nonetheless impacts our communities.. We must be wherever our interests are in play or at risk!!

Anonymous said...

White people do not seek out black people to help them for the same reason Silicon Valley doesn't ask Detroit for advice.

Ex said...

Thanks for your prompt answers to my questions. One follow up, why were you escorted away from the confrontation? (the camera stays on you so it's hard to see what happens to the other guy.) To put it frankly, do you feel you were escorted away because of your race?

Thrasher said...


Not true at all there is a lot of cross pollination between both sectors. Do not fear synergy :-)

Thrasher said...

EX ... Best to make that inquiry to those controlling security ... There is no question however some degree of Negrophobia was in the atmosphere :-(