Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Value & Valued

As a public activist, I am often contacted to offer my advice on a number of issues both private and public. I really enjoy being an activist when I received a call from a parent seeking to secure my counsel and insights on parenting ideas, especially when the focus is their children. In our post industrial world that is fixated and obsessed with gadgets, fast food, drive by experiences the role of parenting in our post industrial world now more than ever before is the central factor in the evolution of our nation especially when the focus surrounds Black families.

Tragically in our nation the public the image of Black youth, especially our males, is very negative. Our nation ‘s canvass does not paint a portrait of the Black community as a place of serenity nor bliss. Quite often the whispers and depictions of the Black community is framed in dysfunction, decay and hopelessness. When the focus is on our youth especially our Black males the landscape is painted with portrayals of fear, anger and anguish. There are a number of reasons for this unfortunate narrative of Black youth. Many of the reasons have historical roots, others are just nasty ugly stereotypes.

So into this world of dispair and hopelessness we must create a place and a space where we can reach out to another . Please then share with another my discovery excercise.

When I decide to connect with another especially a child I ask then what is their favorite color? When we walk together tell then I am going to give them a gift as part of their walking gear. During our trek we talk, talk, talk and then we engaged in more talk. Often at the end of our hike in the park I tell them now I am going to give you a gift. I give them a pocket size hand mirror in their favorite color. I tell them to keep it with them 24/7.

I then instructed them to look at the mirror and spend a whole 60 seconds staring at the most important, significant, wonderful, awesome, sweet, gentle, good, beautiful, interesting, brilliant, unforgettable, remarkable and the greatest living creation in the world.

Monday, February 6, 2012

How to Survive & Develop in an Urban Society: The Blueprint

As an activist for almost four decades at the core of my body of work and mission is the creation of a user friendly interactive guide that provides a template for living the best possible life as human being in an urban environment.

Activism as a public endeavor has a legacy of defining problems yet Activism also has failed legacy of  not producing and creating outcomes that address the issues and shortcomings of a society.  Plane Ideas is unlike any progressive organization in the country today. We provide an interactive hands on series of instructions for creating and producing outcomes that matter and address the myriad of shortcomings in urban venues for all.

Plane Ideas : 10 point  Interactive Blueprint  to survive and develop in an Urban Society.

1. Have a Life Purpose

2. Meet the youth in the Community:

3. Volunteer in the Community:

4. Read and Communicate everything that circulates in the neighborhood.

5. Community Walks.

6. Share what you with others can from coupons to ride sharing.

7. Develop an Inventory of Assets in the Community:

8. Find a Friend that is not of your RACE:

9. Know the police officers in your neighborhood.

10.Find a serene place for you to find solace