Friday, November 15, 2013

The Culture Of Negrophobia in America Circa 21st Century

In America life for Black folks has always been tough with various degrees of racism and oppression. The ebb and flow of contempt for our very essence and being has often been like the wind sometimes the gust is strong sometimes it is a mild . The one constant theme of life in America for Black folks is the reality of racism and all of its wicked incarnations and iterations. It does not have to be like this for Black Americans  or for that matter the nation. Yet of late a new wave of contempt has reached the shores of Black America from the death of Tayvon Martin , Eric Gardner and others.

In the post industrial era of America on the footprints of slavery, segregation, and the like for many Black folks in the nation we must  now confront the specter and culture of ‘Negrophobia’. It is a a derivative pathology of racism not novel in substance just different in application and behavior. Often ‘Negrophobia’ is a civil disdain hidden in a non verbal activity or a cloaked bigoted behavior absent the optics of raw prejudice. It has the distinct stench of racism but it lacks the venom and vulgar and virulent demeanor of hard core bigotry.

In the gentile terrains of an office environment or the mild contours of an restaurant or even in a plaid elevator gathering the presence of 'Negrophobia' is a reality that is far to often present in the space of Black folks and others( read whites and of late even other people of color). From the nostrils and optics of many Black folks often one feels that he or she is germ or some kind of disease that people seek to avoid when they are in our orbit and presence. We have become in many circles an inconvenient truth an interactive poster of crime and darkness.

Usually when ‘Negrophobia’ is in effect communication,dialogue and authentic displays of normalcy are absent. A surreal reality takes over and quite often the Black person in the equation is the odd person out. What is really insane that even in the ‘Age of Obama ‘ the presence of “Negrophobia was returned to the nation’s landscape with a vengeance. White politicians have become embolden with verbiage that incites racial angst. Media outlets fill the their platforms with racially charged violent crimes.The nation’s zeitgeist is packed with themes of a civil rights fatigued where the normal  white majority  is tired of the claims of victimhood and grievance from ‘those people’.

The personal toil and anguish of always being viewed as a threat and unworthy of respect and trust is creating havoc on the health of Black Americans. The specter of 'Negrophobia' has destroyed and shattered the internal texture of Black communities. Negrophobia augments the disconnect between Black students and their teachers, it has created record numbers of suspensions and expulsion in our public school system for Black students. The economic costs of this pathology is in the trillions of dollars from health care costs to abandoned urban cities.

The basic civility which is required for a civilized nation to operate is now in peril. The fiction of Negrophobia is contaminating even the 'other dark meat'  where this collective is displaying reservations and contempt towards Black Americans regardless of  our class or status. We are here at the edge the truth it is there for all to observe Negrophobia will destroy the very soul of our nation.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

I will never censor words....

Regarding the saga of the n-word  I will never stop using the word in part because I value and acknowledge the genius of Black folks to flip the very reality of America's culture.

The idea that one should erase the reality of history including the depravity of slavery in America by banning the word NIGGER is backward and offensive and insults the legacy and humanity of slaves.

Many years ago Black folks resented the word Black and many wanted to be called the names designated by Whites for us 'NEGRO' and 'COLORED'.

It makes no sense for us as a numerical collective in America to handcuff our power and presence with Whites by now using the very word which causes Whites to pause!

I am not giving up social and political currency and power because Whites and others including some Black Americans are offended by word  NIGGER.  I see no value in leveraging away any measure of power in America certainly not the power and currency of words.

White Americans know this and truth is so do we. I will never censor away or police the reality of words.

From my optics all speech has value even HATE SPEECH.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Master Plan-Novella

Chapter 1.

I thought by shaving my hair and wearing glasses the government operatives would not track me down yet I could feel somebody watching me and breathing down my neck.

What a world I live in now. It has only been 2 years after our first Black president yet the Blacklash has been truly surreal. People were in denial about the president and his family no longer in the visible in the public marketplace.. Rumors were that moved to another county to escape the antics of their detractors was nothing new for ex-presidents yet there was also There were internet rumors about leaders of the NAACP not showing up in offices all over the country.

I know the operatives were aware of my activism during the last 20 years but I always thought they were a fringed cult operating outside the government. I had no idea that these forces were always present in the government just waiting to become official and sanctioned by the Dept of Homeland Security.

Chapter 2.

I have to connect with my partners according to my contacts within the government I represent the first tier of activists the operatives have targeted for  capture and relocation. How could this come to be in a nation with a consitution as old as ours!

Chapter 3.

I should have paid attention to the signals they were every where from my contacts in the government telling me my blogs and commenatries were being circulated in Homeland Security to my home boys telling me their cell phones texts to me were not connecting.

Chapter 4.

I had heard the rumors about Black professors at universities disappearing I brushed it off as tenure issues . I also ignored the chatter about Black newspaper publishers not showing up at work or conventions . The template was in place for the removal of the vanguard now the plan was moving down to my layer . I ignored the subtle events fool I was.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Verdict

Once again the absence of Black Americans in venues where our interests are in play and in peril has been lethal. The  Travon Martin courtroom where justice did not appear included a white judge, white prosecutors, and a jury without Black Americans. A dead Black boy was present but his currency and worth was already discounted and then documented with a horrific outcome of freedom for his killer.

Lessons to learn include:  The reality that our presence must exist in every venue of life in America from courtrooms to boardrooms to rooms with a view.

The other lesson was personal I have failed my son by not disarming the contempt society has for his being...I have been unable to alter the ethos of inhumanity and depravity towards his essence...Now others have the license under the 'color of law' to discount his personhood. My failure has altered the arc of his presence in our country. My son now has to deal with another fucking generation of contempt for his essence....This raw truth stings me today!

America circa 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

Regime Change in Detroit

There were no loud explosions nor chaos in the streets,troops did not flood the avenues and enclaves of the city. A manifesto was not distributed by air drop nor was there a state of martial law issued. A coup took place in Motown a ' regime change' in the post industrial rust belt has been installed.

In the post industrial era of America political, cultural, and economic realities are unlike anything our country has experienced. The very fabric of life in this era is altered by the forces of technology and the global marketplace. Traditional platforms of interaction with elected officials has been fundamentally altered. The State has now replaced the local elected legislatures ( city councils)  and the core of power. The micro polices of local governance have been structurally altered with the micro intervention of the State into the daily operational management of the local public sector.

Into this new platform of political metrics the role of governance has been forever fundamentally altered. The ruling class in partnership with centralized State government has designed and modeled a form of governance which removes local  representatives from their  local oversight and control of the daily public sector and public services ( to include Educational districts)  and replaced them with a new direct State centered paradigm for governance.

The new global marketplace of goods and services  require a new type of governance structure which is efficient and measured. This new model is driven not by consensus and policy concerns of the community  but by mandates and financial objectives of the marketplace as defined by the central state government and the interests which influence state policy on the local cities.

Policy is no longer driven by the will of the people. What underwrites the role of political systems now is administrative platform designed and shaped by the State and those who influence the state’s decision makers. Local themes and interests no longer have standing nor social or cultural currency.

Civic principles which historically  have focused on the community are now factored as economic metrics rather than civic goals. What is more  important is not the percentage of voters who cast a vote but the percentage of voters that are in compliance with State driven administrative  budgets and fiscal policies.The notions of democracy and the will of the people no longer have any currency in the 'regime change' model  being played out in Detroit.

The mandates of the central State gvernment which are created  and orchestrated by the ruling class interests have more priority than any civil objectives. The Viceroy(Emergency Manager) is tasked with defined administrative objectives none which have the people's agenda in play.  The 'regime change' in Detroit has made moot concerns and  notions regarding voters rights and home rule. The state has now remove the layer of local rule and replaced it with direct rule from the central governor’s office under the auspices of a Viceroy.

Into this new era of governance the city of Detroit and the nation have just experienced and witnessed a calibrated 'regime change' in the City of Detroit. A coup has taken place without a revolution by the people or intervention by the military. The State has inserted a Viceroy under the directives of the centralized governor to disenfranchise voting rights and  ban home rule. The Viceroy with absoulte authority granted by the State now conducts  and controls all municipal business and public services contracts and affairs.

Detroit is no longer a place where public policy is underwritten by elected representatives of the people. The 'regime changes' in Detroit have been accomplished a coup  has transpired without a body count, political prisoners or blood in the streets. Residents live under a surreal state of martial law,staged elections with state influenced operatives as candidates for administrative public officials.

Detroit is the template of  the post industrial era in America where the global market is the policy driver and not the will of the people.

Friday, March 15, 2013

CPAC : My Story

I attended CPAC with an agenda to discover and engaged people on why conservatives have failed in their outreach efforts to attract Black Americans to the GOP, Tea Party and the Libertarian parties. My premise is straight forward I opine that wherever Black folks are in play and at risk we should be there to protect and advocate for our interests/agenda. I also opine that our presence and interaction with others will augment and enhance outcomes which serve the collective themes and interests of all parties. While I was circulating my flyer( A press release offering my services to assist in reaching out to Black Voters) I encountered some hostile and angry CPAC people. I did not have a camera crew . I was a lone Black man on a mission:-) My offer of help remains on the table.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Era of Conservatism(c) = The Black Electorate

The New Era for Conservatism is now this is a great opportunity for the Black Electorate and the GOP. The Obama Era will come to an end and where will the Black Electorate go? What/Who will fill this void? Why not the GOP? Why not a New Era of Conservatism(c) not an abandonment of traditional values but a New Era with a new collection of conservatives with the same core values and principles! The opportunity is ripe for conservatives and the GOP to expand the equation of Conservatism. We need a new partner and alliance for America. The New Era of Conservatism(c)