Friday, March 15, 2013

CPAC : My Story

I attended CPAC with an agenda to discover and engaged people on why conservatives have failed in their outreach efforts to attract Black Americans to the GOP, Tea Party and the Libertarian parties. My premise is straight forward I opine that wherever Black folks are in play and at risk we should be there to protect and advocate for our interests/agenda. I also opine that our presence and interaction with others will augment and enhance outcomes which serve the collective themes and interests of all parties. While I was circulating my flyer( A press release offering my services to assist in reaching out to Black Voters) I encountered some hostile and angry CPAC people. I did not have a camera crew . I was a lone Black man on a mission:-) My offer of help remains on the table.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Era of Conservatism(c) = The Black Electorate

The New Era for Conservatism is now this is a great opportunity for the Black Electorate and the GOP. The Obama Era will come to an end and where will the Black Electorate go? What/Who will fill this void? Why not the GOP? Why not a New Era of Conservatism(c) not an abandonment of traditional values but a New Era with a new collection of conservatives with the same core values and principles! The opportunity is ripe for conservatives and the GOP to expand the equation of Conservatism. We need a new partner and alliance for America. The New Era of Conservatism(c)