Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Optics of Defeat

I did not care for any of the  Charleston coverage it was offensive observing Black Americans in that posture....I resented the absence of Black anger being articulated by Black activists in South Carolina.....I tired of Black folks in a prayer/surrender mode ..I tired of the impotency and optics of Black people looking passive and beaten down.....

I rejected the nonsense of prayer as being some miracle when prayer did nothing to save the lives of those when they were confronted by a depraved White killer fueled by the ongoing reality of racism in America....

Finally I tired of the obligatory White media patronizing coverage form the endless use of the same quotes and images of Black Americans and dead Black civil rights leaders

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Under Peril Again

So this is America circa 2015. Our nation has a long and ugly legacy of violating sacred places and venues of Black Americans from churches to kitchens of Black Americans. At some point during this era of acute and lethal Negrophobia there must be a national and political acknowledgement of this reality in our nation.

We must confront yet another period in our country where Black Americans are under siege , in peril and in mortal fear for our lives. We must craft a series of national laws, national policies and plans that can be implemented timely to protect Black Americans.

The FBI has issue warnings to Jewish and other religious facilities when threats have made against their places of worship as such I expect Black Americans should be given the same threat level alerts given that our visibility is more apparent and makes us more in peril than any other group or collective in America since slavery.

We must have the chance and opportunity to protect and save the lives of our families in this era of acute and lethal Negrophobia in America circa 2015.