Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Unable to connect a life surrendered to the space of lonely and the glow of nothingness...

Trapped by the circles of weary a life surrendered to the space of lonely and the glow of nothingness

Rejected by the noise of empty a life surrendered to the space of lonely and the glow of nothingness...

I entered the life without words or examples..I offered a portrait of you...

Purpose was discovered now a life has a view......

Monday, April 26, 2010

Census: Who Dat?

Recently there has been a lot of drama over the race selection options for completion of the census form. The controversy includes questions about the term Negro to Arab-Americans seeking their own option instead of being classified as white.

What is interesting is how non-whites are concerned about how they are defined by race in America. In our nation with our legacy of racism for to long Black Americans were subject to the 'one drop rule" which was a racist notion which allowed whites to classify all non-whites as Black despite their own self identifications and demand for self-determination.

Many people refuse to accept any government designation and instead view the census as a violation of their heritage as well as personal privacy. Some people simply want to be defined as individuals and classified as members of the human race. The census remains a fascination for people and the government in how to define and describe people. The census is a provocative exercise that will always be a feature of any government that catalogs and takes an inventory of their citizens.

What do you call yourself????

The Menu of Life

In the media and I am sure in various household venues across the nation the discussion about health care is a major topic. It is true that what we eat is critical to any health care discussion but not only is food and diet important but so is the items on the menu that we feed our minds.

Our mental state of health is as critical as any diet. It is important that we feed our minds with good ideas, thoughts, logic,and content. One could argue that without a strong mental constitution being a super healthy person without an equally progressive state of mind is a waste of food and good health.

I don't want toxic thoughts and negative knowledge inside my body. I am always rejecting hate, depression, evil and any negative ideas and thoughts from entering my body. When I eat I never read negative materials nor do I watch negative images on my TV or my computer screen while I am feeding my body. I monitor emails and I avoid downloading toxic and counterproductive materials from all sources including friends and associates.

I digest good music..I inhale wonderful aromas..I touch beautiful things..I absorb the atmospheric of imagination.... I watch wonderful images..I eat the splendor of the world....

My menu of life is more than a happy meal....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Safety Net Of Civil Rights

For years living here in Detroit I would cringe at the countless times I would observe Rosa Parks feeble and senile being carted around the city and elsewhere to get an award or to front for some fundraising efforts. I resented it then and now when I witness Ali being shuffled. I resent this practice when old civil rights leaders get tossed around for media coverage when race is on the radar.

The MSM and the usual suspects in the political marketplace always exploit the death of famed civil rights leaders with overkill and tired soundbites of course it is easier for them to live in the safe past when Black icons are dead or no longer create risk. Progressive and assertive modern Black leaders who would rather focus on finance, science,enviormental concerns and foreign affairs are not news worthy for coverage for MSM. The safety net is always old time civil rights stuff for the MSM..

The Black community evolved decades ago with regard to civil rights we have charted many other paths yet the marketplace refuses to mature and evolve with us. Our communities are demanding growth and development in other areas from economics, science, fiscal concerns to global affairs... .

When will the rest of America catch up with us?????

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Crime of Reporting Crime

Recently CNN and other outlets compiled a list of the most dangerous cities in the world of note Detroit was on the list...This is an example of how shallow and worthless journalism, reporting and disinformation have become almost criminal(excuse the pun)... Lists like these are often inferences based upon survey data, questionable data collections and subjective media accounts....There is no integrity in impotent lists like these other than tabloid currency.

Important and really more valuable is crime data and information that is based upon the actual security and risk of harm to indivuals and property...
None of the data collected nor the lists directly evaluate the ratio or metric about actual danger to victims....Most victims of crime know thier assailants and many of them are family and friends.

Factually most people are rarely victms of remote danger or stranger inflicted criminal acts. Most people are safer with strangers than actual people they have a history or relation with...With regard to family crimes and spousal abuse, the victims are at risk often from other family member and not strangers property crimes as well have a large variable of victim relation.

Reporting and information of this nature at end of the day does not make anyone safer it only demonizes entire cities with fiction and disinformation. Yet again Detroit does not deserve this indictment and It is tragic that MSM is a conduit for this type of faulty reporting.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Making a difference...

Those that make a difference always matter...