Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Alladays!

Yes whatever you worship take my blessings with you....Living in the presence of now...Happy Alladays

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sportmanship in America

I have yet to read or listen to any of the sports media columnists, publications, sports shows express some dismay and concerned about the level of the hate filled cheerleading and vile sportsmanship by the Cleveland Cavalier fans during Lebron James return to Cleveland.

The sports media's silence in reporting on the absence of sportsmanship present during this game is revealing. The behavior and the expressions of outright hate displayed and expressed by the fans attending the event was the lowest level of sportsmanship witnessed in our nation in any sporting activity that I can recall.

The presence of children during this orgy of hate was truly stunning . The absence of any responsible parenting was just as offensive. The behavior of the NBA , ESPN and related sports interests in supporting and promoting and affirming this despicable caliber of sportsmanship is offensive.

The underlying racial related themes of some of the jeers and signage clearly gave fuel to this depraved level of sportsmanship. It was embarrassing observing a sports event that had the stench of racism and the flavor of the most depraved sportsmanship I have ever witnessed as a sports fan. Apparently even our sports events are not above the vile and petty incivility which is rampant in our nation of late. Cheerleaders of hate is not the sportsmanship I want my children and family to model. Apparently hate is the only sports that matter now in America.