Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Uncivil Wars in America

Is there ever a moment in time in our nation where a collective of people are not under siege? Of late the scent of discord and confrontation has returned to air waves of our nation.  The nation’s air  and atmosphere of humanity  is toxic and unhealthy for all of our senses including our spiritual aura.

Today the slings and arrows of misfortune are being waged against those seeking to expand the boundaries of gender and sexually. An uncivil war is being waged on numerous fronts some of them with foot prints braved by the weary before and others are incarnations of depravity we hoped was ending .  The uncivil war of today is aimed at gays and the transgender and of course Black Americans are in the center of this uncivil war yet again  with the national epidemic of police executions of unarmed Black Americans under the color of the law and without due process.

Our nation continues to struggle and evolve  as it pertains to humanity and civility. America has returned  to the failed  formula of hate and intolerance all at the expense of harmony and cultural congruency.

We must find a way to end these  uncivil wars against ourselves. Our children are watching .Our seniors are weary. Hope must return to the battlefield……