Monday, November 3, 2014

Voting Rights to Not Vote

For Americans political elections bring a barrage of campaign literature, commercials, speeches that never end. For Black Americans political elections always bring besides the campaign materials and endless speeches, we also get disinformation, propaganda and a flurry of candidates seeking our vote but never our respect and long time concerns.

Black voters also get the usual crisis pleas and hysteria over our right to vote. Our ancestors deserve better than some obligatory compliance during elections. Voting is worthless without concrete outcomes.  Political posturing and slogans do not change the arc of life nor alter the outcomes of living . I have of late now opine that not voting is a good option and deserves as much attention and focus as voting. I have matured and evolved to now give credibility and argument to the position of not voting has deep merits and real time value and currency. The Black electorate has for decades and decades been hostage to the Democrats  and invisible to the Republicans. Instead of having these two parties compete for our votes and clout we surrender  and retreat and make our electoral clout worthless and impotent.

One can take a principled position by opting put of a flawed and corrupt political system. One can argue by voting they are contributing to a corrupt and immoral political system. The jury is in the acts of omission ( not voting) equals the acts of commission ( voting)

My advice for this mid- term election is simple BE YOU vote as if your vote reflects your value and concerns not the agenda of political parties and political candidates who only care about you when they want your vote.

The Black community is long over due for a radical change in how we live to  how we vote or not vote. Reality is the truth and right here and right now Voting has not created the outcomes we want in fact staying the course and voting for the DEMS and the lesser of two evils is a script to nowhere..