Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New Era Blueprint for Management of Crime in America

Our nation must begin to revisit our approach towards defining crime. This new vision on the nature of crime and all of its ramifications must include a new template  on  how to manage and administrate the delivery of crime services from themes of protect and serve to protocols for a new model on policing from staffing to incentives to prevent crime as well as policies that enhance  'due process' concerns  when the police policies are not in synch with the community .

The staff of Plane Ideas has created the following themes which should be a foundation of The New Era of Policing in America

1. Staffing Police Departments with former criminals as police officers. Inserting a social and mental health case worker in police cars on all police calls and patrols.

2. Offering financial incentives for residents to maintain safe venues. Paying a stipend to certain ex-felons to not engage in crime. Providing reduced tax rates and tax deductions for crime free venues.

3. Creating a user friendly 'informant' protocols which assist the police in prevention, safety and security objectives. Creation of  Neighborhood  Public Safe Harbors staffed with conflict resolution professionals.

4. Providing the community with  smart phone apps, links, websites on crime data, research and resources.

5.Advocating for early release of non violent criminals and cleansing of  all criminal records of non-violent juveniles under the jurisdiction of municipal courts

6. Constructing interactive police misconduct commissions with community and police participation with the authority to assign  independent counsel/lawyers/retired judges not affiliated with the government to conduct/investigate/prosecute / administrate tribunals/hearings on the deaths of unarmed citizens by police officers in their exercise of lethal force while 'under the color of the law'.

7.Support for Ban the Box Movement

8.Creation of Arrest Free Zones for Designated Social Behavior

9.Urban Gun and Weapon Disarmament with Gun Buyback programs and tax deductions for those surrendering guns to the police.

10. Crime  and Justice related curriculum in Middle School and High School including on site visits to jails, prisons and morgues

11. Uniform Collective Bargaining Agreements which incorporate incentives that reward the police for reporting 'bad cops' to data collection of complaints, lawsuits, indemnity provisions against police officers, managers, union officials for any settlement and awards against the city or conduct which creates civil liability and damages against their employers .

12. Police Disarmament in selected venues where the police are not permitted to carry their firearms