Thursday, January 29, 2009

Black Folks in the Obama Era

Black Americans should leverage Obama. I am pass the emotion and celebration of the end of white privilege and white supremacy in the white house. I contributed to the breaking of the color line and I expect to leverage and take advantage of my efforts and my work over decades in seeking to make our country live up to its ideals . Yet I have encounter a number of people with the opinion that Black people should not seek to press our new president based upon his hue and cultural footprints. Now from my vantage point such a posture and position is foolish, silly and counterproductive on so many levels. It makes no sense to not capitalize on a product I help polish for mass consumption. Black America poured cultural capital into Prez Obama part of his being is the creation of Black America. We were not only his cultural mentor but his landscape and soil . Black Americans were his practice dummies on the field of America's racial games. Those who clamor to the obsolete mantra of a color blind america are living in an obsolete world and there is nothing progressive about ignoring the obvious and the raw truth of reality and the fact of race in our society. From my platform to be truly progressive is to acknowledge existence of one's race and then not be a bigot. Obama is a person of color he is a nonwhite president and as such he has a relationship with nonwhites whether he likes it or not. I have no respect for those who seek to dismiss and deflect and ignore the obvious about race and it's role in our nation and now in the white house. I have no reservations nor will I have any regrets when people accuse me of playing the 'race card" with Obama. Black americans have endured centuries of race based contempt to now expect us to ignore it when we have suffered and died for this moment is an insult and a affront to universal truth. It is a human condition to seek a bond and relationship with another who shares your experience. I offer no apology nor will I moderate or remain passive in seeking to leverage Obama in the white house. Black americans should ignore and dismiss those who claim we are seeking revenge, payback, reparations, special treatment as we seek to leverage our Black agenda in an Obama era white house. I offer no apology at all in my quest to leverage Obama in the white house it is what americans have down for 43 administrations prior to an Obama white house. I can now stop singing negro gospel spirituals in my shower and start practicing my handshake for my white house meeting to come with President Obama .

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