Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Black Apologist in the Post Racial Era

A constant fixture and reality of our nation's racial landscape has been the presence of Black Apologists. The Black community has always had figures in our culture who would make excuses and explanations for white racism at the expense of Black folks.

This development has created a cottage industry for many Black professionals in the MSM. Low self esteem Black folks have rushed to fill this void and produce for the MSM commentaries,books and lectures with tortured reasoning and disjointed logic of how it is now Black America that plays the race card and invokes victimhood.

According to the script written by these new Black media darlings our nation is not racist it is Black Americans that are the new bigots and racists. The mantra of this post racial era is to ignore cause and effect . Fiction instead of reality is the uniform of this era.

In the post racial era deflection, avoidance, dismissal are the principles which fuel the discussion of race in our nation. It is tragic observing the conductors of this movement are often Black folks in the media.....

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