Saturday, June 27, 2009


So after all the noise and posturing all the FBI could yield was a derivative felony plea from Monica Conyers. The FBI with all of its resources' was unable to secure for the citizens of Detroit a resignation nor even a cooperation commitment from Monica Conyers to to sink a corporate enterprise that put this entire illegal saga into play. The FBI remains our nation's most impotent law enforcement agency from its massive incompetency in securing urban cities from drug cartels to the security of our borders and the serenity of our public buildings. White supremacists groups are flourishing and internet crimes are proliferating and street gangs rule the night. Political criminals are not a lethal threat to our security nor an evil which keeps parents and seniors up all night. I remain unimpressed by the overkill and inflated bravado of the FBI in the Conyers saga. It that all there is??

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