Thursday, November 5, 2009

Detroit Politics

I have major reservations about the nature and quality of the outcome of elections in this region and in Detroit. Voter turnout was disappointing even in suburban elections. In the city we now have an all Black city council. This lack of diversity cannot be viewed as progressive.

A financially challenged gay candidate who has never confronted homophobia in many Black religious venues was elected this disappoints on so many levels. The passage of an educational funding proposal which continues to dump money into a failed school district is not a progressive development it echoes a theme of desperation and a misguided belief that educational outcomes are about money and not fundamentally driven educational agendas.

Fact is over 85% of the electorate in the city did not elect or approved of these new public officials. Educational progress is never the result of spending money. When the last vote was cast has our region really improved?

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