Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A New Life Tutorial

When the days required clocks and reasons to calibrate my living I would often turn inward to fill out the day as a tool to figure out my problems to decipher my day dreams...When my youth made me ignore clocks and the wisdom of others I tiptoed in the the aura of infinity when I was young and not in need of a mentor.

Now my days required a calendar, my clocks tick without making noise, and my own opinion has lost its luster where do I go to get the wisdom to navigate this terrain that seems like an endless mirage but in truth is a hard vision of reality.

Those who shared and made me their proteges have left the canvass. Many have surrendered to the realities of lost memories, wounded bodies and the contemplation of their obituaries.

So here I am reaching out seeking a living tutorial to navigate these days where my mantra's are now dated and my advice no longer has the velocity of importance and the currency of relevance..

I need a GPS for life and I need it now....