Saturday, January 29, 2011

Midnight in Tunisia....( Read this to Dizzy's Iconic Jazz Tune)

Our government has a long and ugly legacy of influencing our domestic media in all kinds of areas from accurate data about the rates of crime, cancer, wealth, poverty to the truth about the existence of UFO’s and related usual phenomena. The massive scope of technology also lends itself to the government ease in influencing media accounts and information. The barrier between truth and fiction is the most important question in the media and it is a question that no longer is under the privy of media corporations.

Our government has secretly spied on civil rights leaders and invoked national security themes to get our media outlets to partner with them on the creation and development of propaganda and disinformation. Our media outlets have partnered with the government on all types of filtered news that is reported to the American public. On many occasions this interference with the free flow of information, data and knowledge has been welcomed by our political parties and our leaders in both the private and public sector.

When the news accounts involve foreign affairs and military concerns the injection and excuse of national security surfaces, which provides cover and rationales for our government’s control, filtering and manipulation of news and information. The events in Tunisia & Egypt scare the ruling class in America, from concerns about the economic fallout to the notion that America’s poor will parrot the protests of those in the streets of Tunis & Cairo.

It is to longer a secret or a conspiracy in the modern world many governments engaged in propaganda and information for a number of reasons. It is not a far-fetched fiction that those in the ruling class and our political parties fear the possibility that America’s poor will take to the streets and engage in an American regime change.

The poor and underclass here in America share the same misfortunes , poverty, hopelessness and impotency as those in the streets of Tunisia and Egypt. The plight of the poor is a universal condition and international boundaries are not relevant nor a barrier to those suffering common fates and realities. There is hunger and homelessness right here in Detroit, whose streets share the visuals of any third world country.

It is therefore incumbent to understand how close to the edge our nation is to a civil war right here on Main Street in America, from foreclosures to high unemployment to educational systems that fail our inner city youth to prisons and jails which warehouse large proportions of America’s population.

These are perilous times for the entire world the events in the streets of foreign nations matter here in streets of America as well.


D20 said...

Oh, stop. You would try to stir up and encourage insurrection? Don't think the outcome would remotely mirror recent events in north Africa.

Polite, law-abiding, armed shopkeepers and homeowners would cut short your romantic revolution the moment the mob decided to turn violent. There wouldn't be much left for the National Guard to mop up.

Thrasher said...


Please spare me your tired fiction and speculation about what oppressed people would do they are never as violent and lethal as their oppressors...

Now leave me alone I am listening to Dizzy....