Saturday, February 26, 2011

Idea to increase readership of Detroit News & Detroit Free Press

Background: This region is home of major corporate companies and footprints which impact the entire nation but more importantly this region.

Objective: Increase Readership in both newspapers

Idea: I propose a daily section dedicated to the fortune 500 firms and small business companies which provide a detailed narrative of the products and services of the companies and small business but it also includes profiles of the various employees that work at the companies, these profiles are in depth and provide tips, inspirational themes with photos of key workers, web sites,significant events, coupons, t-shirts. At end of the week both the Detroit News & Free Press can published an on line blog which continues the dialouge of the designated company or small business.

Outcome: This idea will immediately increase the daily readership of those working for the firms as well as family, friends, vendors, church members, organizations' associated with the companies. This theme driven focus could increase add buying, subscriptions and related collateral benefits.

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