Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Story Teller

Chapter I

We both have been searching for this for years..Curtis was a true believer his travels brought him to this moment. The cell call came in late Tuesday night it was a frigid nite the moon was full the the chill was a deep raw cold.....I picked up the phone Curtis was breathing through his nose and his echo was heavy..."I got"..."I got it"....

Chapter II

Like the rest of the world of sleepy people waiting up to a wee morning phone call brings anxiety...I was even more concerned hearing the voice was Curtis..'What ya got Curt"..I have found the secret to the universe he yelled in my ear..I have found the sound and it is forever all around...Curtis started to sing this words"I found the sound and it is forever all around"...'I found the sound and it is forever all around"..Now I could not get this out of head..

Chapter III

I tell Curtis to meet me at the coffee shop on the Blvd cause I have a bucket list of things I need to happen right now..Curtis tells me that he tried the mystery sound at an art fair yesterday according to Curtis he approached a street musician to play the mystery sound on his drums and right after the sound was played people just started to dump money in the street drummer's hat!!

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In memory of Curtis Vaughn 1952. -2011