Monday, April 30, 2012


The evolution of America in the post industrial era has created for Black Americans a new cultural mantra. No longer are we viewed as a civil rights group or a minority collective in search of parity and equality. Black Americans are no longer the most significant minority group in the nation. Our destiny is ours and ours alone no one is going to rescue or take us to the promise land.

Into this new reality it is imperative that we develop and articulate a new modern theme which defines our present day mantra, agenda, agency and our course of action. I propose our new Black Ethos be defined as "Way Now". Instead of leveraging our history as a people who created civil rights in America or the nation's premier minority group we must now evolve beyond this legacy.

This cultural paradigm shift of course requires a lot of work and consciousness. It is more than just another intellectual exercise and political construct but a living and real time pursuit for the community at large. The 'Way Now" ethos is more than a shorthand drive by renaissance platform but a living real time manifesto and series of living principles which understands and acknowledges the reality of the moment for Black Americans living in a post industrial nation in the year 2014 It is a reality that recognizes our present day standing in America.

 A nation which continues as a society to not only marginalize Black folks but continues to wage a civil war against us. Into this real time reality it demands that Black folks take complete control of our destiny and status not as segregationists and isolationists but as a collective of progressive and pragmatic people with a agenda driven by social and cultural utilitarian themes and objectives.

Under the umbrella of a culture and society which adopts 'Way Now" it means that we must heal our wounds and repair the shortcomings which plague our community that prevents us from reaching and attaining our individual and collective goals as a community. 'Way Now" requires a new paradigm which begins before the birth of our children to the end years of seniors.

We must charter a course which designs a blueprint for every member of our community from those fractured by decadence and decay to those who sparkle with genius and productivity. "Way Now" requires a respect for honesty and recognition of reality. It does not tolerate excuses, denial, avoidance, deflection and failure. It embraces the future not the past. It cultivates innovation not the endorsement of historical alliances from our historical past. "Way Now" means we shape our future today and proceed accordingly.

We are the architects for the solutions and ideas which advance the community. "Way Now" is the living template for the future of Black America.

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