Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Era of Conservatism(c) = The Black Electorate

The New Era for Conservatism is now this is a great opportunity for the Black Electorate and the GOP. The Obama Era will come to an end and where will the Black Electorate go? What/Who will fill this void? Why not the GOP? Why not a New Era of Conservatism(c) not an abandonment of traditional values but a New Era with a new collection of conservatives with the same core values and principles! The opportunity is ripe for conservatives and the GOP to expand the equation of Conservatism. We need a new partner and alliance for America. The New Era of Conservatism(c)


Anonymous said...

Mr. Thrasher, I just saw the video on Daily Kos of you getting escorted out of CPAC by security. I thought you handled yourself very well considering the circumstances. For what it's worth, it seems to me one major party is inclusive of a diverse group of Americans while the other is exclusive of those who differ from those in power. This begs the question; which do you suppose will prevail? It also seems the most effective group advancing the base of the Dems are the behaviors of Republicans. - Best regards, Joe Orawczyk (registered Green Party voter)

Anonymous said...

Frankly Mr. Thrasher sir, the idea of a broad black electorate being welcomed into the conservative fold looks even dimmer by the day. BTW the Uncle Fester looking dude who caused the confrontation says you are to blame and he's being wildly supported by the rabid right-wing base. GL

John M Taylor said...

I too agree the GOP needs to do a better job in reaching out to minority demographics with fresh policy positions that are appealing to today's youth. So, Question: You mentioned the "New Black Bandwidth" How does this demographic feel about the more Libertarian/Conservative POVs as promoted by people like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio? Other than progressive social policy, these politicians appear to fit what you claim younger blacks are seeking. Just curious if you have any thoughts.

Thrasher said...


Thanks for the post with regard to your query from my perspective the new Black Bandwidth is a evolving development and ethos it has the capacity to examine conservative, libertarian and other themes with an agenda that seeks the utility of said political constructs.

Generational bandwidths as a general inference if they are young reflect a more user friendly receptive approach to ideas unlike older bandwidths which are less receptive .

I opine that the New Era of America is unfolding right here right now.

Anonymous said...

Libertarians are supposed to be socially liberal, how can they possibly be a part of the GOP? They are meant to care not who you sleep with or marry, whether you use birth control or the myriad of issues the GOP attacked women on. They believe in the legalization of marijuana, etc, etc. Rand Paul is not a Libertarian. Look up his 'social' record.