Sunday, June 15, 2014

A life of life......

One of the truths I have learned from my activism in the area of civil rights is the ability to evolve beyond seeking racial parity and equity with the majority society . I now understand that it is critical to evolve beyond a sense of validation and affirmation .

My maturation must take me to a place where I elevate my personhood and begin to become an architect to create a life which encompasses more than parity but a higher state of existence. A platform where my quest is no longer limited by parity and equality but an attitude that elevates my personhood.

A life full of life…..


Constructive Feedback said...

Brother Thrasher.

Happy Fathers Day.

Question for you.
When you say "Seek Equality" (and I understand that you have moved past that)...........Is there any particular mandate that you make your reference to OTHER AMERICANS?

Over the past 3 months I have been more focused on International news.
When I see:
* The Central African Republic citizen
* The South Sudansese
* The Libyan
* The Iraqi
* The Syrian
* and the Mexican

I see "Equal Human Beings" who are living with a high dose of terror in which their psychology and hope in life is bound to be injured if not permanently then certainly for an extended period of time.

Is there a capacity to look at yourself, in bulk, as a "Fortunate American" and then impart your empathy for "The Least Of These" into these people whose life is in the hands of a power crazed gunman who would think nothing of perforating their body with bullets?

(Please do not read any sort of "put down" or sarcasm in this message.)

As bad as you think you might have it - even as a collective in your place in America - there are billions and billions of other people in the world who live in societies in which the basics of human and civil rights are not assured.

Thrasher said...

CF..... One does not need to go global to find inequity or inhumanity ... Construct humanity within your own orbit....