Thursday, January 25, 2018

New Age Educational Model for Urban Schools in America

The staff of Plane Ideas focuses on a wide spectrum of issues and constructs in America. We examine our political, economic, educational, criminal justice system and the like. Of late in America the academic outcomes in our urban aka Black and Brown school systems have been dismal and reflect a profound reality for our students and the trajectory of the future of America.

The staff of Plane Ideas has created a range of proposals and constructs which we believe can alter the very foundation of superior academic outcomes in our urban school districts in America.

We propose the following:

-Teachers visiting homes of students to examine the environment and provide parents with real time academic progress reports and educational tips for parents to support and augment the academic outcomes of their children outside the school building

-Immersion curriculums which teach one subject matter the entire school day in a pace that works for the variety of student learning skills in the classroom

-Removal of students from distressed venues into dorms off site to rural venues.

-Seniors with career credentials inside each classroom to assist in lesson plans and character development

-Students executing incentive laden contracts for designated academic outcomes with specific target and rewards for achievement of the educational targets

-Offsite instructional education and vocation experiences from visits to industrial sites to university campuses

-Insertion of educational workspaces in the homes of students living in distressed urban venues


Anonymous said...

So pretty much get the kids away from their incompetent deranged environment so they can thrive instead of multi-generational dysfunctionality? Agree 100%

Anonymous said...

Why are you posting your bullshit in the WaPo?

Thrasher said...

You are a coward that hides behind a mask

I post whatever I want whenever I want

Deal with that you Coward