Saturday, June 2, 2018

Mission : American Renaissance of Compassion

America is soaked and baked in an surreal aura of disdain and disregard for the basic dignity and compassion for each other. This state of America is suffocating the spirit of every generation in our collective human tree. Many are lost and drowning in this sea of meaningless and raw contempt for the very essence of being human. We have violated the irrevocable inner trust our souls need to develop and survive as human beings.

This ethos and zeitgeist of not caring for the humanity and dignity of all souls living and unborn in our country is making life in our nation a daily struggle to avoid the contagion of not caring and intentional ignorance of the plight of others. We must have the courage and integrity stand in front of the avalanche of hate and contempt that is contaminating the very atmosphere of living of late in America. Americans must refuse to retreat to the abyss of compassion avoidance.

I am going to call upon the very essence of my soul to release within my being the capacity to harvest compassion and regards for others from my adversaries to the strangers that wear the faces of broken hearts and frustrated failures and hopeless and wounded experiences that find them balcony of finite.

Please join me and together let’s harvest and then cultivate the passion and reservoir of humanity that that occupies the soul of our persona. I am not afraid to wrap myself around myself as I begin this quest to bring love and compassion back to America one person, one moment , one second in every day and breath of America.

Hang on my friends hold your head up high don’t give up help is on the way......



Unknown said...

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Thrasher said...

You are an envious coward that hides behind a mask


Anonymous said...

You can't even write a coherent sentence, you stupid fuck.