Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Internet Media Vessels of Segregated Content

One of the lethal aspects of the chatter class and the various media sites which operate on the internet is the ability to create propaganda and disinformation that shapes and defines people of color especially Black folks in a number of negative and counter productive narratives. White engineered content driven web sites that have firewalls of cultural impotency and arrogance only augment the digitial divide. This present model of content delivery on the internet is flawed and as such it becomes a conduit of fiction which creates a bubble of underdeveloped chatter class folks who think they know truth but know nothing.

The digitial divide presently on the bulk of many media websites reflects the segregated nature of real life venues and social circles. Those who define and create the data, dialouge, information, and content on the internet have little if any impactful relationships with the very people of color they blog about.

This disconnect is very destructive in part becuase those who dominate the chatter class never really know what is the truth about significant social and racial issues. In our nation today with regard to the chatter class unless the data is filtered via the internet the chatter class never really knows shit about reality especially racial reality. This on line educational delivery is a backward and becomes in real time a underdeveloped conduitthat makes folks who think they have knowledge actually ignorant.

The way to defeat this defective false model of online knowledge and intell is to of course shatter the segregated orbits of those who operate these media and bloggsphere websites..

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finefroghair said...

The digital divide is a very serious problem compounded by the unmitigated greed of telecommunication industry. Hey I'm from Michigan not the big D but the mean streets of Flint and our part of the USA is being systematically deprived, denied,ignored and eviscerated. What the hell our we gonna do? if the I-75 corridor in Michigan doesn't need stimulus money no one does yet where is the help? The inner city school system is virtually shattered it reminds me of a Potemkin village all facade no substance. Graduation rates lower than 50% what our these poor bastards going to do no jobs no hope no help no no..... Where do we point our fingers and who is to blame, so many culprits and that is the problem it is one gigantic society wide failure from bottom to top. I guess failure is an option and the only one we get.