Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The realization that the students in DPS posted the worst math scores in the history of a national test assessment is so disheartening not because of the dysfunctional parents nor the selfish teachers and their impotent union nor the ego driven demeanor of the state empowered headhunter or even the greedy real estate professionals who like many others before them fed at the trough of the DPS at the expense of the their education.

None of these ugly realities powerful and impactful as they are defeated the will of DPS students. Yet today was the realization that it finally appears that now the students of DPS have succumbed to the insanity of being educated by DPS. The students of DPS have given up on themselves. The students of DPS who have weathered every trendy and novel educational theories dumped on them have now accepted the self inflicted wounds of low self worth, defeat and surrender. They no longer believe in themselves.

The most important component of a student's education is the belief in self. How tragic it is to witness that in the DPS the students themselves have abandoned their own self worth and accepted failure. What a tragic lesson plan to finally master and excel in.

Please do not get things twisted here clearly the educators have failed the city's students and the level of "low expectations" is off the radar in the city. I find the deconstuction of the educational standards is criminal and in truth the natural reaction of a city in a death spiral.

Yet there is a way out..

To be continued

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