Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can Black become beautiful again......

For to long I have avoided writing and having a dialouge about the critical issue of the image of Black males in our nation. On a number of levels I did not want to have this critical discourse in a nation that has such a nasty racial legacy against Black folks and of course Black men. I know this culture seeks to leverage Black folks against Black folks. I know this culture champions the seeds of divison and internal conflict between the various intersections of Black life in our nation.

I am of the opinion in part that our nation's contempt and depravity towards Black men is so deep that efforts to measure this abyss have yet to be created. The depth of hate is so severe it is profound and often beyond many measure of reasonable and sane comprehension.

Yet I know I would die waiting on any measure of honor, respect and justice from a culture that continues to fear and hold anything Black in contempt . WE must change the culture and not have it change us.

So given this hard core raw truth what is to be gained by taking on this cultural equation. What value can be achieved by me on a personal level and the community on a group level in reshaping, reinventing, reimaging, polishing up our image in our nation as Black men.

There are inherent perils in pursuing this narrative and transformative posture.Yet in spite of the risks I must undertake this mission. My community must take on this assignment.

So from this point forward in every moment, every situation, every awkward incident, every first impression, every second in lives of Black men a change must take place. WE must make a life altering change in the image of Black men that is observed, reflected, in our interactions with the world.

WE cannot continue living in a world that affirms and embraces negrophobia. Our personal lives are at risk, our familes and communites are in peril, our nation cannot achieve its full apex unless we make this calibrated change right here, right now..

Black must become beautiful once again..

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