Sunday, February 7, 2010

Duncan's Edict

I hope our state legislators and others ignore the edict from Arne Duncan the Secretary of Education to grant Robert Bobb control over the DPS academic affairs. Clearly this intervention into our state's oversight of public education is not only out of order but Duncan's imperial order also denotes contempt for the right of voters to elect public school boards.

Duncan's desire to be Bobb's publicist reveals how politics not substance again rears its ugly head whenever education is an issue for students in the city. Clearly Bobb is not qualified nor has any academic credentials to run any academic programs in DPS .

Arne Duncan should stick to taking photos with the president and refrain from giving endorsements on matters he has no standing on. Duncan is not a kingmaker designating Bobb as a messiah with divine powers is not the role of our Secretary of Education.

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