Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tea Baggers & Good Germans

I argue it is foolish for people of color in our nation to ignore the nascent threat that is present today from those hiding under the banner of anti government slogans and dogma. Our nation has a long and ugly legacy of offering up minorities as scapegoats when times are tough.

There exists right below the surface of rightous concerns about the excess of government a massive silent majority who under the duress and turbulence of our economic meltdown are capable of becoming a twisted misguided mob of folks on a mission to declare they are the only folks who get to define America during troubled times.

These angry mobs have the real potential of waging a civil war against those of us who reject their dogma and twisted patriotism . We cannot be passive or remain silent and on the sidelines while this rage builds.

We have a moral, social and civic duty to stop this movement right here..right now..


D20 said...

When a minority are using government in repeated attempts to usurp the rights and freedoms of the majority, the majority must break their silence and cease their inaction. Clearly, their primary recourse is to replace those elected officials who are not representing their interests. However, should our representatives continue their course of insubordination, there is provision for direct redress. The founders of this country (however maligned they've been by the uneducated, politically correct revisionists), by design, integrated a kill switch in the event that the governed became enslaved by the governors. Thankfully, the worshipers of death--lifelong students of Mao, Marx, Stalin, Darwin--have thus far failed in depriving the American people their right to self-defense.

What you are proposing is to usurp the majority -- those who have the right to define America (her borders, language, and culture). Your plans will be met with unstoppable resistance.

You will neither delay nor avoid the backlash. Deny the majority their political recourse, and you will trigger the civil war.

D20 said...

You're going to resort to age-old subterfuge, just like last Sunday: Probably some ACORN plants, infiltrating the legitimate protestors, shouting "Nigger!" "Faggot!" and spitting on Democrats, trying to give Tea Partiers a bad name. That is, if any of that even happened. All of this bitching and moaning, but NO PROOF!!! Surely, somebody would have posted evidence of this onto YouTube by now, right? More leftist trickery: Trying to score sympathy and political points off reaction to their own lies.

Would you people go so far as to pay some plant to physically attack a congressman? Now that'd be irony: The Hon. Rep. X gets killed by an ACORN stooge who was paid with money appropriated by some Community Instigator Support bill for which Rep. X himself casted a 'yea' vote.

You see, dummy, Tea Party participants are taxpayers; they have jobs, ergo, they have a lot to lose. Who in their right mind would risk losing it all by attacking a congressman, especially when there's an opportunity to vote them out later this year? It makes no sense. It's the vagrants and leeches of society, the NON-PRODUCERS, such as yourself, that have a teat to suckle on and all the free time in the world who go and do shit like this.

People like you are going to learn a very hard lesson in the coming year...

Thrasher said...


Again you reveal how out of your element you are with regard to politics and governance protocols..

Your right is mite arrogance and impotent privledge posturing simply have no place or currency in a republic like the USA..

The majority in a republic is subject to the rule of law not the laws of men. The majority in our congress have spoken healthcare reform is now law. Deal with this truth.

Your primative and barbaric threats and tired dogma holds no wieght in this areana... Accept defeat and have the courage and integrity to offer your resignation and pepare for change now that you know what it looks like..

D20 said...

Your "play it cool" response is disingenuous. Clearly, you're threatened by a genuine grass-roots movement of American taxpayers.

At least you're educated enough to realize our republican form of government.

Last Sunday, the congressional black caucus tried to race bait 40,000 legitimate protestors. When it didn't happen (6 days, and still ZERO EVIDENCE), the scum lied to the sychophant press, who lapped it up like table scraps. If Tea Party protestors were as violent as reported, then there's no way Pelosi would've swaggered through with her cartoon gavel, BEHIND THE BLACK SHIELD THAT WAS SENT THROUGH FIRST! (Why do blacks still vote for Democrats? This Clinton/Carville idea to "re-create" Selma, 1965, ended up a failed mockery!)

It's no surprise that the left's #1 goal is to slander and smear the Tea Party Movement. The movement is genuine, legitimate, powerful, and successful. Its members are passionate and fervent, but polite and lawful.

We've seen your dirty tactics before, and we're ready for them. You don't control the whole of media anymore.

D20 said...

The cry of "RACISM!" is fast becoming the 1st Corollary of Godwinn's Law. Its use indicates an unwillingness to argue ideas, a unilateral retreat of dialogue into hyperbole, and a vain attempt at censorship.

It's not going to work anymore. Your black skin no longer renders you sacrosanct.

Thrasher said...


You and your white anger privledge no longer matters anymore..

You do not measure up..America has rejected your wedge politics..

Run along and you are boring me now...Change is here and I am a part of it...Your angry white male threats no longer have any currency in the new world harmony

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

I'll say this Thrasher,you are way too kind to this "fool" D20.
BTW thanks for dropping by my spot,your input is always welcome.

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