Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Black Agenda=American Agenda

Why is logic such a problem in the world of politics..


Americans=Blacks Americans
Black Agenda=American Agenda



D20 said...

How delightfully amusing it is when non-contributors strain themselves to appear analytical. I can only guess that the language of logic, reason, and mathematics is as foreign to you as English.

Go back to griping about how Cost(Black Barbie) < Cost(American Barbie).

Thrasher said...


It is easy being analytical using the language of logic, reason and mathematics no doubt the reason why you are compelled to post on my blog and obess over all of my comments..

Truth is your claim to be analytical is overrated and over inflated ..You do not cast a hugh shadow nor crate a new path...

D20 said...

More a hobby than an obsession -- "You're welcome" for the web traffic.

You do not cast a hugh shadow nor crate a new path

See, this is the inherent flaw in so-called "progressive" thinking: The assumption that things, as they now exist, are broken. They aren't; they just haven't been allowed to function properly.

Thrasher said...


What a lousy excuse..

This is the deal your paradigms and models do not work at the end of the day..

Nothing that conservatives, right wing tea baggers have employed matter..People on the margins like you have a zero track record..

Make a difference like me..

thrasher_greg said...

D20, why waste your time toying with a retard. Just sit back and let society mock him for being inferior. Motherfucker couldn't accomplish anything in life and he's near retirement age. What a joke of a person! 55 years old and can't get a fucking job.

D20 said...


While the idiocy of Thrasher's comments is self-evident even to a 5-year-old, the counter-argument still needs to be documented.

Yes, the neo-liberal, black militant, uber-racist (and barely readable) statements don't make an iota of sense, it isn't enough to just let it lay and stink up the blogosphere.

Thrasher is a fool with a foolish world view that will be challenged at every turn.