Friday, September 24, 2010

MY BOOK is Titled: How to Live in an Urban Venue

It will be a guidebook on essentials of how to survive and develop in an urban place. The book will cover parenting, food, work, crime, friendship, depression, happiness, religion, health, life..

The book will provide details, insights, short stories, lists, poetry, business plans, advice, menus,directories,instructions, philosophy, music, book reviews, endorsements, solutions, recommendations, tips, ....

For the folks in the city from babies to seniors.....

To be published 2011.......


no_slappz said...

Do you think this idea is original? Or that you have a perspective that makes a difference?

Your objective seems to match the standard established by women's magazines 100 years ago.

Whether the venue is Good Housekeeping, Redbook or Essence, the concept has been done to death.

Meanwhile, when it comes to books, most of your topics have no place.

Short stories (which very few people read), poetry (which even fewer people read), advice, menus, music, book reviews, etc, are topics for either newspapers of magazines. Not books.

Parenting? You must be joking? What do you know about parenting? What possible advice have you got?

Crime? What about it? This is a fascinating topic.

Street crime? Are you going to inform blacks how to avoid street crime? What are you going to say about physical attacks? To women about sexual attacks? Are you going to be honest about facts of crime? Such as who commits crime? When, where, how and why?

Thrasher said...

Of course my book will be original unlike your body of work...I am the,lol,lol

My book is going to be 2 books in one with separate covers and separate content..The other title is City Tales it will comprise the short stories, poetry, etc...

BTW my kids have college and law degrees from the top IVY league schools in the nation and midwest ( University of Michigan)...Parenting is my strong,lol,lol