Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Nation of Clusterfucks

One of the disturbing themes which seems to inflict every region of the country in both the private and public sector is the breath and depth of incompetence from the oil spill in Louisiana to the local meltdown of the recent meeting in the city to discuss downsizing Detroit. Of late in our nation , state, region, workplace, school districts, playgrounds even there seems to be a pathology of incompetence and failure nothing seems to work nor operate on time per directions or instructions.

Excuses and failure are the new normal in the post industrial America. This common and collective set of behaviors is the new American pastime. Instead of our nation progressing with all of its latest hi tech digital gadgets we seem to be skipping along while rugs slip under our feet and chairs collapse under our weight when kids are left in cars and grandparents are forgotten during electrical shortages. We need to stop look and listen to what is happening to our nation. There is one common generic symbol we can rally around and become flag-wavers and patriotic about...Getting our stuff together.

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