Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Verdict

Once again the absence of Black Americans in venues where our interests are in play and in peril has been lethal. The  Travon Martin courtroom where justice did not appear included a white judge, white prosecutors, and a jury without Black Americans. A dead Black boy was present but his currency and worth was already discounted and then documented with a horrific outcome of freedom for his killer.

Lessons to learn include:  The reality that our presence must exist in every venue of life in America from courtrooms to boardrooms to rooms with a view.

The other lesson was personal I have failed my son by not disarming the contempt society has for his being...I have been unable to alter the ethos of inhumanity and depravity towards his essence...Now others have the license under the 'color of law' to discount his personhood. My failure has altered the arc of his presence in our country. My son now has to deal with another fucking generation of contempt for his essence....This raw truth stings me today!

America circa 2013


steve p said...

There was really no evidence for murder two or manslaughter.

The system works, and mob justice does not rule the day. And Al Sharpton can cry all he wants, but at the end of the day he does not care about this little black boy at all.

He just wants the money, and can rot in hell.

oh and P.S.

you still didn't answer my question on guns. I am starting to think your opinions are not based in logic, as you said

Thrasher said...


I not only answered your question but I educated you as well..You just lack the maturity to value my wisdom..

Anonymous said...

Greg, society at large has nothing against your son's existence. I've had some people in my life tell me never to trust certain races of people because even if they are nice to me, they really all hate me based on my race and talk about me behind my back. I've been racially intimidated and physically threatened just because of my mere presence in areas I "wasn't supposed to be." I understand, however, that these are a small representation of society. Most people are not like that.

The vast majority of whites don't hate blacks. They're angry that they get accused of racism where none is involved. They don't view blacks in a derogatory fashion whatsoever. The actions of fee don't apply to the lot.

If whites generally were racist against blacks, I'd know. I assure you it would come out every time the topic of racism does, because they'd speak freely in front of me. I'm white.

And I've been on the receiving end of hatred from blacks without ever uttering a word, meeting them or anything. Basically doing nothing more than what trayvon did. But I know that isn't society hating me for NY existence. That's just some bad apples out there.

Thrasher said...

Anonymous ,

Reality and facts drive my commentary. Clearly the continued presence of contempt for Black Americans still exists in 2013.

Of course I do not fixate on racism but I do not ignore it either....

Constructive Feedback said...

Greetings to you my brother Thrasher. May peace and blessings be upon you and your family.

QUESTION - How did the details of the "George Zimmerman Murder Trial" and all of the details such as the jury composition, the judge and the evidence presented get PROMOTED into such a prominent concern for you - hundreds of miles away, out pacing the multiple, routing "Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" episodes in Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland which is far closer to you than Florida?

Are you an orchestrator or CONSUMER of that which was engineered for you to ingest as a priority? - A proxy reference to the condition of the Black American - after having passed over so many other cases that were not deemed worthy of your consideration?

Thrasher said...

CF I am an advocate of MLK 's posture injustice should never be tolerated . Unlike you I do not embrace or empower the ruling class ...

Constructive Feedback said...

My beloved Brother Thrasher.

I have the utmost confidence that when the "Emergency Managing Preachers Of Social Justice' came into town to compel the congregation to FIGHT TO PROTECT the positions of power in the government of Detroit that they voted for - YOU told them that the condition of the people are more important than the "Ruling Class" in the seats of power in Detroit?

When Black America suspended its concern for provincial interests of the Black community in order to support the National Party and its reelection of Obama and as many Democrats as possible - that YOU stood up against THE RULING CLASS?

Thrasher said...


Unlike you ( who hides behind an alias) I have never genuflected to the ruling class.

My body of work over the past 4 decades is legendary. I have a footprint of making a difference and altering the arc of many lives..

Can you state that???