Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Master Plan-Novella

Chapter 1.

I thought by shaving my hair and wearing glasses the government operatives would not track me down yet I could feel somebody watching me and breathing down my neck.

What a world I live in now. It has only been 2 years after our first Black president yet the Blacklash has been truly surreal. People were in denial about the president and his family no longer in the visible in the public marketplace.. Rumors were that moved to another county to escape the antics of their detractors was nothing new for ex-presidents yet there was also There were internet rumors about leaders of the NAACP not showing up in offices all over the country.

I know the operatives were aware of my activism during the last 20 years but I always thought they were a fringed cult operating outside the government. I had no idea that these forces were always present in the government just waiting to become official and sanctioned by the Dept of Homeland Security.

Chapter 2.

I have to connect with my partners according to my contacts within the government I represent the first tier of activists the operatives have targeted for  capture and relocation. How could this come to be in a nation with a consitution as old as ours!

Chapter 3.

I should have paid attention to the signals they were every where from my contacts in the government telling me my blogs and commenatries were being circulated in Homeland Security to my home boys telling me their cell phones texts to me were not connecting.

Chapter 4.

I had heard the rumors about Black professors at universities disappearing I brushed it off as tenure issues . I also ignored the chatter about Black newspaper publishers not showing up at work or conventions . The template was in place for the removal of the vanguard now the plan was moving down to my layer . I ignored the subtle events fool I was.

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