Thursday, November 14, 2013

I will never censor words....

Regarding the saga of the n-word  I will never stop using the word in part because I value and acknowledge the genius of Black folks to flip the very reality of America's culture.

The idea that one should erase the reality of history including the depravity of slavery in America by banning the word NIGGER is backward and offensive and insults the legacy and humanity of slaves.

Many years ago Black folks resented the word Black and many wanted to be called the names designated by Whites for us 'NEGRO' and 'COLORED'.

It makes no sense for us as a numerical collective in America to handcuff our power and presence with Whites by now using the very word which causes Whites to pause!

I am not giving up social and political currency and power because Whites and others including some Black Americans are offended by word  NIGGER.  I see no value in leveraging away any measure of power in America certainly not the power and currency of words.

White Americans know this and truth is so do we. I will never censor away or police the reality of words.

From my optics all speech has value even HATE SPEECH.

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