Sunday, November 13, 2016

America Revolution Circa 2017

So many Americans have betrayed  America . For many she was the home of those seeking sanctuary from the depravity of governments and societies that harnessed inhumanity. To observe America is now to understand after the election America is the  terrain where life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness is nothing more than a clique.

We are now in a place where all is in peril and all are vulnerable to the atmosphere of fear ,vengeance and perspective. We must stay hot and conscious in this air of fog and anxiety. We cannot give a moral pass to racial fragility and those who harbor a blue collar and the reality of what others have endured long before them.

Indicting allies and trusted role models for their naviite is zero sum game and only extends the distance between our shared interests . We need collaboration, consolidation and purpose our target is massive and wounded and full of passion and self righteousness.

So which way is forward .....

Follow Me .... I know the way


Constructive Feedback said...

So many PEOPLE OF COLOR OUTSIDE OF AMERICA feel betrayed that Black Americans were deceived into "Fighting Their American White Right Wing Racist Enemy" Vicariously through the President Of The United States, that they were blinded into what the US GOVERNMENT/ Historically White Controlled Nations continued to do around the world.

Why hasn't this expose' about the "Fraudulent Coup In Libya" gotten more airplay?
Why NOW do you sense a spirit of discontentment in America?
Might it merely have just come to your awareness?

Anonymous said...

Follow this poser if you're a lemming.