Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Trump

Trump will be the next POTUS for many it is surreal yet in reality it is not really a suprise Obama became POTUS twice as such so can a Trump.

In truth if we step away from the angst, anger and emotions of this event Trump's victory removes more barriers from the reality of possibility and outcomes. An American with baggage , without legacy, free and thirsty can become POTUS .

I look foward to a Woman, Asian , Latino, Trans, Gay, Native American, Atheist , Activist becoming ...the POTUS. I am going to press, push, pull President Trump as I pursue for me and my community ,life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

God Bless America



Ron Wolf said...

Hi Greg: Hope you and yours are well. I like this blog. It is you! Fair, unbiased, to the point. I do not like the Donald, he certainly is not the peoples he purports to be but it is time the pendulum begins to swing towards the preservation of all of us not just black lives matter, not just the military industrial complex and the drippings from old money.
I do fear an pussy footing POTUS and I am not sure that the Donald in his own way will not be another PF POTUS but this time with a different agenda. I do not believe that people do not realize how dangerous the path we are on in this nuclear wild west where greed decides who gets the bombs, not a genuine concern for national security.
Israel is the scapegoat of the world only because the Jew has always been the scapegoat. We still occupy Puerto Rico and the Russians make me laugh as does the new Imperial China with tentacles spreading far beyond its territories. But do not get me started. As to whether Trump will work to bolster America's canary in the Mid East or pussyfoot for the sake of oil money, and pacification through treachery as Obama did with Israel and the useless UN remains to be seen
Meanwhile Greg, do not rush to drink the Kool Aid. No, that is not mean't as a racist double entendre though the thought just occurred that it could be taken that way. Of course you remember Jim Jones. from N Korea to Gaza, to ISIS Jim Jones I am afraid in alive and well.
Remember I am not forcing you to eat matzoh ball soup and corned beef sandwiches just as you are not forcing me to eat St Louis Ribs with collard greens and cornbread.
We do it of our own free well.

Thrasher said...

Hi Ronnie,

I hope all is well with my favorite old jewish legend .....Stay in touch and do not be afraid of the negroes and colored guys


Anonymous said...

How could you be all of those things at once?

Thrasher said...

Easy I am a Human Being