Thursday, February 12, 2009

Role Models..

I have no problem with any Black person in any capacity in our nation both in the public or private sector just being normal and not a super negro. I reject the notion that Black Folks have to step up our image now that we have BO in the white house.
I have evolved pass the standard created by white privledge that requires Black folks to always be the best just to prove and validate for whites and others that we are worthy of being. I reject the racist math that I have to be x times better than whites that is not the formula or metrics I live by.
Black Americans in our country have endured every manner of ridicule and depravity so the idea that We must now be good negroes and coloreds is offensive and insults the very legacy of our historical existence here in America.
Black folks do not owe America any thing, we are not compelled or obligated to measure up to it's standards in part becuase these standards do not themsleves reflect merit or principle. From my vantage point we have already pass the tests of civility and worth the day we emerged on this planet....

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