Monday, February 2, 2009

Sales Model Based on Depravity

The Detroit News on it's front page published a picture of a frozen dead man( photo displayed only his shoes above the ice)

I simply cannot get the image of Johnnie Redding out of mind despite numerous attempts to clutter my brain with nonsense and the rigors of daily life of late in this region. The one constant stream of thought which remains a part of my mental ordeal is how the DN paper has succumbed to the pressures of this marketplace. The DN with it's decision to ignore basic journalistic standards and engaged in a market model of titillating voyeur theme reporting is a stain on the legacy of the DN. It is apparent there is an absence of vision and ideas at the paper. It is revealing that no one at the DN has the capacity to navigate and lead the paper through these difficult economic times. The reliance on shock and awe journalism is not the model for recovery nor the posture of progressive leadership . In truth such a business model has a short shelf life and will never prosper once the lights come back on. From my vantage point the DN descent into the publication of depravity and inhumanity as a model to sale papers is beyond the pale. From my vantage point even the your efforts to redeem some sense of dignity and journalistic integrity with the Johnnie Redding follow up reporting was to late and very pretentious at best. Many people like me are trying to make a difference in our region. We will prevail despite the corporate, institutional and indivual indifference that for to long has been a part of this region's dna. I will never forgive the DN for this display of journalistic indifference...... NEVER

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