Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Multiverse: Numerous Universes

Yeah I just experience for me a profound moment..I realized I am living in a multiverse existence...I know for those who are reading this I am out there ...Truth is I just realize from my point of reference I am now totally conscious..My entire life and existence has brought me to this basic profound truth..

I have always lived not in a universe but a multiverse a place where my being has numerous meanings, realities, roles, feelings, existence, whatever....

I am human and more..I am a Black and more..I am a man and more..I am an artist and more..I am a father and more..I am a husband and more..I am a friend and more..I am a comrade and more..I am alive and more..

I am multiversal being.....Lol,Lol,Lol....Wow what is in store for me now.....Lol,Lol, LOL

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