Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Crime of Reporting Crime

Recently CNN and other outlets compiled a list of the most dangerous cities in the world of note Detroit was on the list...This is an example of how shallow and worthless journalism, reporting and disinformation have become almost criminal(excuse the pun)... Lists like these are often inferences based upon survey data, questionable data collections and subjective media accounts....There is no integrity in impotent lists like these other than tabloid currency.

Important and really more valuable is crime data and information that is based upon the actual security and risk of harm to indivuals and property...
None of the data collected nor the lists directly evaluate the ratio or metric about actual danger to victims....Most victims of crime know thier assailants and many of them are family and friends.

Factually most people are rarely victms of remote danger or stranger inflicted criminal acts. Most people are safer with strangers than actual people they have a history or relation with...With regard to family crimes and spousal abuse, the victims are at risk often from other family member and not strangers property crimes as well have a large variable of victim relation.

Reporting and information of this nature at end of the day does not make anyone safer it only demonizes entire cities with fiction and disinformation. Yet again Detroit does not deserve this indictment and It is tragic that MSM is a conduit for this type of faulty reporting.


D20 said...

Throughout broadcast news, print media, hell..., even sports news, Detroit is used as an easy target. It's irksome. E.g., Wasted opportunity last night for NY sports gimps to point out the Detroit connection of the Yanks' latest heroes, Granderson and Thames -- every other piece of trivia is babbled to fill in otherwise dead air.

Do CNN and other apply the "dangerous" label based on perceived danger of those surveyed or on actual measurements of criminal incidence? And, what proportion of criminal incidence is not reported, and therefore, not recorded? Feeling unsafe and being in danger are two different things. A subjective label was applied as a result of subjective measurements.

Maybe "reports" like this are meant as perverted feel good stories ("Hey, your life isn't so bad. At least you don't live in Detroit!" Or, "Aw, you look fine. It's those folks in Mississippi who are the real tubs of lard!")

Thrasher said...


Good insight with regard to "feeling unsafe" and "being in danger"

These kinds of media accounts are as lethal to the city's recovery as some of the firewalls to secure capital markets to grow the city

Constructive Feedback said...

I wonder if we did a poll of the actual citizens of Detroit I wonder if they would indicate a high level of safety and insulation from physical and property crimes?

It seems that the news media and their reporting is of greater concerns than the impact that actual experience has upon the people living in the city of Detroit.